Private Charter FAQs

Private Charter FAQs

Private Charter FAQs

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Once you’ve decided to book a Private Boat Charter with 5 Star Marine your mind naturally wonders what should you bring to the boat to ensure you have a wonderful day?

FAQ: What is Included Onboard?


FAQ: What Should I Bring Onboard

  • Passport Copy / Thai ID (if you have provided a digital copy, there is no need to bring it onboard)
  • Towels (we provide cool face towels, to cool off with, but these are not Beach Towels or used for Drying Off)
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash (for National Park fees)
  • Drinks (we provide soft drinks and water, but you are welcome to bring your own alcohol onboard at no additional charge)
  • Snacks (fresh fruits will be served)

FAQ: What Do I Need To Supply?

For International and Domestic travellers, please provide a digital copy of your passport or Thai ID via email prior to your tour.  These documents are used for our Tour Insurance, registration with the Marine Department as well as any National Parks we will enter.

FAQ: What is Excluded?

  • Transfers to and from the pier – If you would like us to arrange minibus transfers just let us know (Please note some customers will have transfers included, please check your quotation from us to see if transfers are included for you or not)
  • Lunch – If you wish to stop for lunch then our experienced team can help you decide where would suit your requirements and desired itinerary.  Our guides know a number of great restaurants on each tour program and can recommend for you.  Alternatively we can organize a beach picnic for your tour; we have a selection of western and Thai sharing dishes to select from. See our menu here

FAQ: Where is The 5 Star Marine Pier?

Our pier is in Boat Lagoon, your can find our location on Google Maps here.

FAQ: How long before My Tour Should I Get to the Pier?

We recommend coming to the pier minimum 30 minutes before departure. This will give you time to discuss your day luxury tour requirements with your guide to ensure you get the most out of your day.

FAQ: What Payment Methods do you Accept?

We accept various payment methods for your convenience, including Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, bank transfer or cash.  If you choose to pay via Mastercard, Visa or Paypal please note we charge a processing fee of 3%.

FAQ: What is the Tour Itinerary?

You will get only a ‘suggested’ itinerary, and this is why; when you arrive at the pier we will talk through the day plan, make suggestions (because there are variables outside of our control like the sea, wind condition and tide, etc.) Our concept is a joint idea between you and your guide on the day, for the best experience.

For example, if the tide is high on your Phi Phi private luxury tour date, we suggest you go to Phi Phi Ley first (explore Maya Bay, Pi Ley Lagoon, go snorkelling near Viking cave), and then in the afternoon head over to Phi Phi Don. However, for a low tide morning and high tide afternoon; the itinerary would need to reverse in order to see Maya Bay at its most beautiful.

This is why the itinerary is suggested, not set in stone. We allow for you to add in more snorkelling stops if you please, and take your time; there are no set schedules of rushing for the next stop like you might experience on group tours.

FAQ: How Long do we Get For Lunch?

The answer is simple, it is however long you want it to be. As it is a private boat, essentially the boat is yours and your captain and crew on the day are there to give you the ultimate day out so they will take into account your requirements and help guide you.

FAQ: Should we Leave Super Early to Avoid the Crowds?

As your boat hire with us is private you do have the option to go out early, however this isn’t the only way to avoid the crowds. What we suggest is that we help you retime your tour, or apply “reverse timing”.

Our experienced guides know when Maya Bay will be busy and when group tour boats leave for lunch; so we can help you take the opportunity to miss the crowds at these times. We might suggest you leave the pier at 10am get to Maya Bay for 11am, as other group tours will start leaving for lunch just after then, so you can find quieter spots by retiming – not necessarily by leaving super early or later.

Out teams know how to create better timings for the destinations, which we refer to as “reverse timing” so we are not following the group tour timings / program. With our private boats you get the ultimate flexibility and privacy to allow for this.

FAQ: What is Your Cancellation Policy?

At 5 Star Marine, we ensure that our customers remain our top priority. Therefore, we offer a flexible cancellation policy; so, if you need to cancel your tour, we will honour all cancellations made 24 hours prior to departure with honest, 100% refunds. 

FAQ: What if The Weather is Poor?

We hope that we will luck in with great weather. However, in the event that the date is predicted to be poor weather, we will let you know, cancel and re-schedule