James Bond Private Boat

James Bond Private Boat

James Bond Private Boat

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Explore in comfort and style when you book our famous James Bond Private Boat tour.  Our luxury private speedboats are perfect when you get a group of friends or family together to enjoy this VIP experience.

We are happy to suggest an itinerary around seeing this day trip, and we stress that it is only a suggested itinerary, because with a James Bond Private Boat you get to decide the schedule with our experienced crew. Whilst on the James Bond Private Boat trip, we can easily accommodate and be flexible for your day; spend a little longer wandering around taking in the sites, or spend more time canoeing through caves, or enjoy a leisurely lunch.

Our James Bond Private Boat trip takes you to Phang Nga Bay which is one of nature’s stunning works of art. The seascape will present you with vast karst rock scenery at this visually stunning location. This luxury VIP James Bond Private Boat day trip allows you to enjoy the wanderlust sights, along with more active pursuits such as exploring caves in the area and taking a canoe out around the formations.

Our experienced teams will get you to the Instagram-worthy Koh Tapu (James Bond Island) during your James Bond Private Boat day trip, where you can enjoy the scenery of probably the most notorious spot in Phang Nga Bay. Boats are actually not allowed too close, as this is a protected marine area, but you can get snap happy at the famous sight from Koh Ping Ghan; an island with an immensely tall leaning rock and some small caves to explore.

Since the mid-1970s, James Bond Island has been popular with tourists as it became a major attraction following its appearance in the Bond movie, The Man With The Golden Gun; where it provided the hideout for Bond’s antagonist – Scaramanga. This explains why the James Bond Private Boat tour is one of our most popular day trips, and one our team of crew and captains thoroughly enjoy going to.

We would suggest making a stop off at the floating Muslim community of Koh Panyee during your James Bond Private Boat, perhaps for lunch. Here you will get to see huts, restaurants, and even a floating football pitch which are all built over the water.

The James Bond Private Boat tour is certainly something that should be on everyone’s bucket list, and our day trip has something for everyone. Whether you want to experience stunning seascapes, partake in canoeing, caving or explore famous locations; however please do note that our James Bond Private Boat day is not designed for those looking to go snorkeling, it is more about the seascapes, canoeing, caving and exploring.

James Bond Private Boat Highlights

Your James Bond Private Boat day trip will be flexible to allow us to accommodate your desires. Our experienced captains and crew will help you beat the crowds and give you a day to remember. Some highlights you might want to enjoy on your day trip include:

  • Stop by Panak Island to float along gently inside one of the hidden caves surrounded by mangroves, before enjoying a peaceful golden bay all to yourselves.
  • Move onto Ko Kudu Yai to take in the exquisite beauty of the clear turquoise water in this stunning lagoon.
  • At lunchtime why not make your way to the small island community of Koh Panyee; where huts, houses, and restaurants are built on stilts over the water.
  • Then get your Bond Instagram to pose ready as you make your way to James Bond Island, which can be viewed from Koh Ping Ghan.
  • Continue on your James Bond Private Boat tour with some sea canoeing or cave exploring before making your way back to base.
  • Perhaps you might make a final sunset stop at Koh Pear, a small strip of an island that looks and feels like you are walking on water – a perfect end to the day.

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