What Are The Best Wet Season Island Hopping Destinations?

What Are The Best Wet Season Island Hopping Destinations?

What Are The Best Wet Season Island Hopping Destinations?

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The Wet Season (also known as the Low Season or Green Season) starts in Phuket around May each year and continues through to the end of October. The signal of the change of seasons in Phuket is when the wind changes.

During our High Season or Dry Season, the wind blows from the East, during our Low Season or Wet Season the wind blows from the West. The West blowing winds brings more rain, monsoons, and unpredictable weather conditions.

Does It Rain All Day In Wet Season?

One of the biggest questions we see online and from our emails is whether it rains all day during the Wet Season. The reality is that it does not. We may have a passing shower or a storm for a day, but it is not raining all day every day. In addition to that, it can be raining on one part of Phuket and not another.

We live in a Tropical Climate, so the showers are generally passing and isolated.

Is It Safe To Go On A Private Boat In Wet Season?

It is very rare that we would need to cancel a tour in Wet Season. As I write this post right now we have low wind, blue skies, and calm seas. It’s the end of June and we feel as if this weather is going to continue for at least another week.

Due to the season though we always recommend to our customers to book the earliest available date in your holiday to go out on tour, so that we can then advise if the weather is not good to go another day.

During Wet Season we will time your tours a little differently to High Season. The high season is a great time to do sunset tours, whereas the low season is a great time to do early morning departures.

What Destinations Are Open In Wet Season?

During the wet season, it is safe to visit Phi Phi Islands, James Bond Island, Hong Krabi, Coral Island, Khai Island, Racha Island.

Destinations like Koh Rok, Koh Ha, and Similan are closed during the wet season for coral rejuvenation as well as due to the rougher sea conditions on the way to these destinations.

Summary: If you are planning a trip during the wet season, feel free to contact us and let us help advise you on the best destinations and the best day and time to get there.