Raya Private Tour

Raya Private Tour

Raya Private Tour

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With a 5 Star Marine Raya Private Tour, you get the opportunity to discover two idyllic Raya Islands; Koh Raya Yai and Koh Raya Noi, which are also referred to as the Racha Islands. This is one of our most popular private charters, as the Raya Private Tour provides the ideal destination to enjoy nature and boasts some of the best snorkelling reefs in Thailand. This destination has quiet, tropical white powdery beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, providing a balanced combination of relaxing, tranquil locations and breath-taking sea life.

The Two Islands:

When you hire one of 5 Star Marine’s private VIP speedboats for your Raya Private tour, the most popular island to explore is Koh Raya Yai (situated and a mere 45-minute speedboat ride away). It has stunning white powdery sand beaches and good snorkelling available straight off the beach. If you want to venture a little further, to Koh Raya Noi you can also experience the plethora of marine life on offer, around this smaller island. As an uninhabited rocky island, you cannot go onshore, but you can enjoy snorkelling around it as it has plenty of fantastic bays.

Expert Crew and Captains:

The Raya Private Tour allows you to discover these stunning destinations for relaxation, fantastic beaches and plenty of snorkelling. 5 Star Marine knows exactly where to go for the best bays, quiet beaches and coral reefs in this area, and can also suggest some idyllic restaurants to stop at with fantastic views.

Bespoke Itinerary:

When you book our Raya Private Tour, you get a luxury speedboat all to yourself, which means that you get to decide on an itinerary that suits you; unlike with group tours when you often get rushed with other tourists on a pre-determined timeframe. With a Raya Private Tour, you get to carve out your bespoke itinerary and can enjoy collaborated planning on the day, for a perfectly balanced experience. Our team of the crew might even discuss a few suggestions based on variables outside of our control such as the sea, wind condition and tide on the actual day of your Raya Private Tour.

Sample Itinerary:

All of our VIP tours are private, so you can customise to get an experience which is perfect for you. However, to give you an idea, a sample day trip itinerary for our Raya Private Tour could be:

  • Snorkel the clear waters off Coral Island
  • Relax on the sandy white beach of Patok Bay
  • Enjoy a beach picnic lunch or head to one of the restaurants with a stunning view
  • Discover amazing marine life at Siam Bay
  • Go dolphin watching at Mai Ton island on your way home

Raya Private Tour Inclusions

We like to look after all our guests, so you can sit back and relax knowing that your Raya Private Tour will include the following:

Private boat inclusion

Explore the best spots on and around the two idyllic Raya Islands, in ultimate luxury with your bespoke Raya Private Boat Tour.

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