Phuket News | Which Phuket Islands are Open? | Maya Bay Closing | July 2022
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Phuket News | Which Phuket Islands are Open? | Maya Bay Closing | July 2022

Phuket News | Which Phuket Islands are Open? | Maya Bay Closing | July 2022

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LATEST NEWS: Maya Bay Will Close Again in 2024.

Full Details Here MAYA BAY CLOSING 2024

What’s Open in and around Phuket

In the Phuket News today we find out what Islands around Phuket are open and which islands are closed or closing. Shaun the founder of 5 Star Marine Phuket also talks about the new Phuket Waterpark Andamanda Phuket and gives you an update on Phuket Charity work that is being done by Living Waters Phuket.

The biggest news is that Maya Bay, Phi Phi, one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Thailand IF not the world is closed from the 1st August 2022.

Maya Bay Beach was closed for over 2 years by the Thai Government to help the environment as it had become ruined by over tourism and closing it allow its ecosystem to recover from the impact of thousands of visitors each day

It reopened in January 2022 with new rules and regulations that help to manage the tourists and how they access the bay.

Other islands around Phuket that are currently closed are:

  • Surin Islands which are an archipelago of five islands in the Andaman Sea, 60 km from the Thai mainland and part of the Phang Nga Province.
  • Similan islands which are also part of Phang Nga province and also an archipelago is closed as normal for 6 months of the year, May 1 to October 31 each year, to help preserve the nature
  • Koh Haa and Koh Rock which are some of the best scuba diving spots in Thailand. Located within the Koh Lanta Marine Park, Andaman Sea, Krabi Province are also closed from May to October

Our tours to Phi Phi Islands, and Phang Nga Bay to see James Bond Island are all still running as well as our tours to the awesome Khai Islands, coral islands are all open.

What’s open in Phuket right now?

The brand new Andamanda Phuket, which opened in June this year is arguably Phuket’s only real waterpark, although Splash Jungle up in Mai Khao is a waterpark, but not on the scale of this brand-new feature to Phuket. Blue Tree Phuket, has also been described as a waterpark, but that is really an activity lagoon with a host of different activities to do, it does have Thailand’s longest Superfly (slip and slide).

So, there you have it. What’s open and what’s not here in Phuket

Please take a minute to check out the amazing work done by Living Waters Phuket.