Ultimate Day Tour Guide to Phang Nga Bay & James Bond Island

Ultimate Day Tour Guide to Phang Nga Bay & James Bond Island

Ultimate Day Tour Guide to Phang Nga Bay & James Bond Island

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Welcome to Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is a magnificent bay located in southern Thailand. It is fames for its striking limestone cliffs and unique rock formations. The bay is home to several small islands, including the famous James Bond Island. Exploring this intriguing area is best done via a private speedboat tour, where you will get the opportunity to visit the islands and see various caves and lagoons found within them at your own pace.

The bay is also home to several sea gypsy villages, where you can take the opportunity to learn about the local culture and way of life. Kayaking is an increasingly popular activity in the area, as are caving and swimming; more about these activities later on in this guide.

The scenery around Phang Nga Bay is truly impressive, and is a must-see destination for anyone who is visiting or living in Phuket. The area is also known for its wildlife and marine life, including monkeys, macaques and rare species of birds.

Overall, Phang Nga Bay is a unique and a one-of-a-kind day trip destination that offers visitors the chance to explore stunning natural landscapes, learn about the local culture, and participate in a range of outdoor activities.

Top Instagram Spots

Phang Nga Bay is a popular spot for Instagramable shots; some of the top places to get snap happy at include:

  1. James Bond Island: This iconic small island with a unique limestone tower is one of the most photographed spots in Phang Nga Bay. Find out why later on in this guide.
  2. Koh Panyee: This island is home to a Muslim fishing village and is built on stilts, offering a unique and picturesque setting for photos.
  3. Hong Island: This area is very well known for its beautiful lagoons and turquoise waters, making it a popular photo hotspot, with no filter needed.
  4. Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay: This is a great way of exploring the bay and its islands, offering numerous opportunities to take in the natural beauty of the area and capture unique photos.
  5. The Caves: The bay is home to many caves and lagoons that can only be accessed by boat or sea canoe. These unique limestone formations offer a great backdrop for your Instagram pictures, and we talk more about a number of them later on in this guide.
  6. Mangrove Forests: The bay’s mangrove forests offer a different type of scenery, with twisted roots and dense foliage providing an interesting contrast to the limestone cliffs and islands.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat. . .

Sea canoeing is a fascinating way to explore the Phang Nga Bay area and they provide a popular option to explore the bay’s limestone cliffs, caves, and lagoons. Be guided or take yourself through small tunnels and into caverns and lagoons that larger boats cannot reach, finding hidden gems and plenty of fantastic photo opportunities.

Phang Nga Bay’s landscape is regarded as among the most beautiful in Thailand, with towering limestone cliffs providing a stunning experience as you glide in the water past these renowned formations.

Crew onboard your 5 Star Marine private speedboat are able to organize this experience for you, and will also be on hand to brief you on the seascape and how to enter tunnels and caves at certain times. Note that access is dictated by tides and water levels at certain areas.

Ultimate Caving Spots

We can carve out a bespoke itinerary with you to ensure you get the best out of your day to the Phang Nga Bay area. This means we can beat the crowds and come up with a flexible day plan to suit you, so if you wish to explore caves, you have come to the right place! You have the opportunity to discover secret caves and lagoons, and immerse yourself in the natural and hidden beauty of this area.

Canoe through turquoise waters, into secret tunnels and intriguing lagoons that lead up to spectacular caverns. Phang Nga Bay has various caves that are popular for exploration. Some of the most popular include:

  • Tham Lod Cave is a big limestone cave with a tight entrance that leads to a wide chamber filled with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. It’s also home to a colony of bats.
  • Koh Panak Cave is located on Koh Panak Island, this cave has numerous big chambers with remarkable rock formations and clear pools of water.
  • Panak Island Caves also include Oyster Cave, Diamond Cave, and Mangrove Cave which may all be explored at different times.
  • Hong Cave can be found on Hong Island. This cave is famous for its magnificent rock formations and crystal-clear water. It also serves as a haven for a significant number of bats.
  • Tham Phra Nang Nai is located on the island of Koh Tapu and is a cave with a vast chamber with a beautiful rock formation that resembles a reclining Buddha.
  • Tham Khao Mao Khao can be found on the island of Khao Phing Kan. This cave has a big chamber with spectacular formations and a small lake.

Please keep in mind that these caves are not always accessible due to changes in tide and weather, and access to some of them is limited for certain periods. Our knowledgeable staff can help you pick the best sites to get your caving fix.

The Famous Island

Located in Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Island is an exciting area to explore. This limestone island is part of the Ao Phang Nga National Park and was featured in the film “The Man with the Golden Gun” in 1974; starring Christopher Lee and Roger Moore, where the island was the hideout location for Scaramanga.

The James Bond Island Tour that 5 Star Marine provides remains a highly enjoyed trip as a result of the popularity of the film. During this private tour, the experienced crew will take you out to the famous Koh Tapu (James Bond Island) so that you can take in the sights of Phang Nga Bay’s most iconic location.

This is actually a marine protected area, therefore boats cannot go too close. However, nearby Koh Ping Ghan is an island with a huge leaning rock and several caves to explore, and serves as a great vantage point for taking pictures of the renowned site. As a result of the film, this attraction has helped to support the surrounding inhabitants, stalls and restaurants.

Bioluminescence: A Natural Wonder

The capacity of some creatures to emit light is known as bioluminescence, and it may be found in numerous forms in the Phang Nga Bay area. One of the most noteworthy instances is the bioluminescent plankton present in the bay’s waters. These tiny organisms emit a bright blue-green light when disturbed, producing a captivating appearance in the water. The phenomenon is caused by chemical reactions within the plankton, which produce light as a by-product.

Bioluminescent plankton can be found in the Phang Nga Bay area all year round, but the very best time to see them is during the rainy season, which runs from around May to November. This time of year produces conditions which are favorable for their growth. The best time to see the bioluminescence is at night, when the water is calm, and the light from the plankton is more visible. If you want to experience these natural phenomena, you may opt for a multi-day tour with 5 Star Marine to the area with a bespoke itinerary to include this.

It’s important to note that bioluminescence is a fragile ecosystem, and human activities can impact the population of these organisms, therefore visitors are encouraged to be mindful of their impact and to follow responsible tourism guidelines to help ensure the preservation of the bioluminescence in the bay.

Floating Island Football

Koh Panyee is a small island located in Phang Nga Bay which is best known for its floating Muslim fishing village. Built on stilts directly over the water, this fascinating village is home to those who primarily make their living through fishing.

This floating island may only be reached by boat, and makes for a unique stop during your day out in Phang Nga Bay. Once on Koh Panyee, you can explore the village which features traditional wooden houses, a school, a stilt-mounted mosque, several modest souvenir stores and a few restaurants with views of the Andaman Sea.

A highlight of this small island is their floating football field, which is located in the middle of the village and is built on a raft made of bamboo. The field sits directly on the water and it is used by local children to play football as well as other sports. This provides a great place to take photos and understand the community’s passion for sport and their resourcefulness.

Island Foodies

There are a few restaurants on Koh Panyee Island where you can try local seafood and other traditional Thai dishes. Some restaurants on the Island include:

  • Koh Panyee Village Restaurant: This restaurant is located on the north tip of the village and offers a wide range of traditional Thai dishes with a good seafood selection. Although the Thai food is quite reasonable, expect to pay a little more for your seafood choices here.
  • New Fern Restaurant: There is a walking exit into the floating village from this restaurant, so you can explore easily after your lunch. They serve the usual fare, sometimes with a buffet option, plus you can find vegetarian options here too.
  • Andaman Seafood: Serving fresh seafood with pleasant service, this is a popular lunch spot. Prices area a little higher here, as is the case with most tourist frequented restaurants.

Panyee Muteara restaurant: This restaurant has a nice atmosphere and helpful service. Food reviews can be mixed, but mostly guests enjoy the traditional food and the scenic location with ocean views.

Phang Nga Bay & James Bond Island Highlights

Although no two itineraries are the same, we like to give you an idea and some inspiration for what your special day out on the water might look like. We work with you to come up with the perfect itinerary that works for you and your guests, plus avoids the masses; but just to give you an idea of possible places to visit during your day out in Phang Nga Bay, here is a sample day guide:

  1. Stop by Panak Island to float along gently inside one of the hidden caves surrounded by mangroves, before enjoying the peaceful golden bay all to yourselves.
  2. Move onto Ko Kudu Yai to take in the exquisite beauty of the clear turquoise water in this stunning lagoon.
  3. At lunchtime why not make your way to the small island community of Koh Panyee; where huts, houses, and restaurants are built on stilts over the water? Here you can enjoy some traditional food as well as helping to support the local community.
  4. Then get your Bond Instagram pose ready as you make your way to James Bond Island, which is viewed from Koh Ping Ghan.
  5. Continue on your private tour around Phang Nga Bay with some sea canoeing or cave exploring before making your way back to base.
  6. Alternatively, make a final sunset stop at Koh Pear, a small strip of an island which looks and feels like you are walking on water – the perfect end to your memorable day.

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