Maiton Island Phuket A perfect destination for Snorkeling, Fishing and seeing Dolphins
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Maiton Island Phuket A perfect destination for Snorkeling, Fishing and seeing Dolphins

Maiton Island Phuket A perfect destination for Snorkeling, Fishing and seeing Dolphins

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A perfect destination for Snorkeling and Fishing and MORE

The meaning of the name Maiton represents idealism, intuition, romance, generosity, creativity, wisdom, and tolerance

Maiton island is an understated paradise. A beautiful tropical island just off the Southeast coast of Phuket

It’s a fantastic day out and only 30 minutes from the 5 Star Marine Phuket pier.

The island is small and only spans 2.5 km across at its widest point but with a large and quiet beach and a lush green hill as a backdrop. It has beautiful white sands and tropical palm trees, as well as pristine waters that are home to vibrant coral reefs.

The island is still relatively untouched by tourism, the white sandy beaches are soft, pristine, and full of stunning washed-up corals and seashells, and the natural environment of Maiton Island has not been disturbed by mass tourism.

dolphin at mai tonThere are not too many things to do on this island but if you are feeling fit and strong you can hike up the hill to get stunning views looking south towards Phi Phi and north towards Phang Nga Bay.

Maiton Island is famous for its unspoiled nature and the spectacular underwater world, and the best things to do at Maiton Island all happen in the clear tropical waters around the island.

Maiton Island offers some fantastic snorkeling. The coral reefs are alive and teeming with a variety of tropical fish and you can also Enjoy a mesmerizing experience through a giant clam garden. The best time for snorkeling at Maiton island is from December to May when the sea around Maiton is crystal clear like a blue mirror.

After a couple of hours of snorkeling, it’s time to catch dinner.

Head out a little deeper and drop in a hook and bait and you will soon catch a fish or 3, and if they are big enough then you have dinner sorted as well, which you can give to the 5 Star Marine Phuket Team and they can take care of this for you and have it cooked up with Thai flavors and spices on the BBQ while watching the sun set behind Phuket.

And finally, is seeing dolphins in Phuket on your bucket list?

Maiton Island is also home to a pod of dolphins, and if you’re lucky enough, you will be able to see these incredibly playful animals. The best time to see the dolphins is first thing in the morning or around the early evening.

Maiton Island is a fantastic destination for a 5 Star Marine Phuket private tour, as it has so much to offer.

You will definitely have a 5 Star Experience when you book a 5 Star Marine Phuket private tour to Maiton Island.

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