What is the best Phuket Boat Tour to go on? Phi Phi, James Bond or Krabi?
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What is the best Phuket Boat Tour to go on? Phi Phi, James Bond or Krabi?

What is the best Phuket Boat Tour to go on? Phi Phi, James Bond or Krabi?

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One of the biggest things that I have learned in life, is that Freedom is something that many of us take for granted. I grow up in a country that gave us freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to move around, freedom to do almost anything.

In the good old USA, they have a constitution that is basically a document that states “YOU ARE FREE”. Ok, I have somewhat paraphrased the 4 page 4,543 words. William Wallace did a whole battle cry on the English taking their Freedom, (Good work Mel Gibson)

Why, am I talking about Freedom? The simple reason is that we at 5 Star Marine Phuket offer you FREEDOM.

Unlike many other Phuket Boat tours, we offer all our tours the freedom to choose, the freedom to do what you want to do, to get the experiences that you want to get from your very own private boat tour, hence why our Captains Choice tour is one of our most popular.

What is the Captain’s Choice Tour?

When you get to the 5 Star Marine Phuket office one of our guides will meet and greet you and then take some time to talk to you to find out what YOU want to do, What YOU want to see, what YOU want to eat, where you want to go?

Once the guide has this info, they will consider the weather, the tides, and all other conditions and then create a tour there and then, just for YOU.

  • If you want to do lots of snorkeling – YOU CAN
  • If you want to have a 2-hour long seafood lunch at a floating restaurant? – YOU CAN
  • If you want to see Maya Bay and James Bond Island in one tour – YOU CAN

I think you get the idea here

Our team has years and years of experience and many of our guides are from this area, they grow up in Phi Phi, in Phang Nga, in Phuket so this is their back yard and they are dedicated to making your time on the sea a 5-star experience in every way. So, whether you are looking to go snorkeling in deserted spots, have a romantic beach picnic off the beaten track, want to explore hidden caves or need help creating your perfect private beach celebration – we have something to delight everyone.

They know the best spots and the best times to go to those spots.

We are here to make your Captain’s Choice Tour exactly what you desire – so ask us.