Phi Phi and Maya Bay Private Boat Tour Phuket, The Best Islands to Visit
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Phi Phi and Maya Bay Private Boat Tour Phuket, The Best Islands to Visit

Phi Phi and Maya Bay Private Boat Tour Phuket, The Best Islands to Visit

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Do you want to visit Phi Phi, but don’t know what to expect?

The Phi Phi islands are an archipelago of 6 islands, with the 2 main islands being Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. These picture postcard islands are excellent tropical getaways in Southeast Asia and are one of the most popular private Phuket boat tours.

Phi Phi has pristine beaches, stunning limestone rock formations, and clear turquoise waters teeming with colourful sea life.

Phi Phi Don is the largest and most populated island of the 6. The second largest island, Ko Phi Phi Le is visited by many people and does have stunning beaches, and the other 4 islands which are not much more than large limestone rocks jutting out of the sea, such as Bida Nok, Bida Nai, and Bamboo Island.

History of Phi Phi and Maya Bay

Phi Phi Don was populated by Thai Malays fishermen during the late-1940s, and later became a coconut plantation.

The islands came to worldwide prominence when Ko Phi Phi Le, Maya Bay was used as a location for the 2000 movie “The Beach” featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. After the movie was released Maya Bay became one of the world’s most popular beaches with thousands of tourists and locals wanting to visit Maya Bay and swim in the stunning crystal-clear waters. Over the years the huge number of tourists had massive negative effects on Maya Bay, and the ecosystem.

It wasn’t until 2020 when COVID stopped all travel that the local Thai National Park Authorities took control and realized that when no one came the ecosystem started to repair itself.

They then took more control and banded boats from coming to close to the beach, as well as building a proper entrance to the bay from the backside of Maya Bay, as well as limiting the number of people who can visit the beach each day, and stopped everyone from swimming in the bay.

They also have implemented a plan to close Maya Bay every year for a few months to give time for the ecosystem to rest so that the Thai National Park Authorities can assist with the situation.

What can you see and do in Phi Phi?

Phi Phi Islands Private Boat TourPileh Lagoon – This stunning inlet is found near the equally stunning Maya Bay beach. It is among the most beautiful places to visit in Thailand. It can get quite busy as you can only access Pileh lagoon during certain tide times.



Monkey BeachMonkey Beach – Monkey Beach is located in Yong Kasem Bay; on the west coast of the larger Island of Phi Phi Don. Just be careful as the monkeys can be very naughty and are used to people so don’t show much fear.



Phi Phi Islands Private Boat TourCamel Rock – A rock that looks like a camel, hence the name Camel Rock




Phi Phi Islands Private Boat TourViking Cave – Viking Cave is one of the most notable natural sites on Koh Phi Phi Leh. Located at the bottom of a tall limestone cliff it is home to a colony of swiftlets which are the birds that produce the nests for birds nest soup. The harvest of bird’s nests is rather a risky job – scaffolds are built with bamboo, on which the hunters climb in the dark to collect these valuable nests. Viking Cave owes its name to the paintings found in the cave – they represent various types of boats, including what resembles a Scandinavian Drakkar (Viking ship)

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