Why Did Shaun Stenning Start 5 Star Marine?
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Why Did Shaun Stenning Start 5 Star Marine?

Why Did Shaun Stenning Start 5 Star Marine?

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A talented entrepreneur with nearly two decades of professional experience, Shaun Stenning is a multitalented entrepreneur living in Phuket, Thailand. 

Since 2003, Shaun Stenning has been working as an investor, operating on his own to offer financial support. In 2009, Shaun Stenning opened 5 Star Marine, where he currently serves as an Investor, Founder, and CEO of Phuket’s largest Private VIP Speedboat business. Visitors to the islands can take in the natural scenery and explore the region, and with the help of 5 Star Marine’s expertise, affordability, flexibility, and safety, you can truly plan an unforgettable experience. 

Since opening 5 Star Marine, Shaun Stenning has grown the business from a single speedboat into an ever-expanding fleet that currently consists of 15 fully customized private VIP Speedboats and Luxury Cruisers, each of which is TAT SHA Plus approved. Designed with the highest level of comfort in mind, you can book these boats for a day or multi-night trip to one of 5 Star Marine’s unforgettable destinations. Currently, visitors can book a private boat tour to Phi Phi Islands, James Bond Island, Krabi Islands, Raya Islands, and Khai Islands, with custom boat tours available for those looking for more of an adventure. With 5 Star Marine, Shaun Stenning, and the team can help you snorkel in crystal clear reefs and relax on white sandy beaches or get up close and personal with some of nature’s coolest creatures on a dolphin spotting tour. 

We have built 5 Star Marine as a family business, I don’t know how many staff we are now, almost a hundred staff, but we have managed to keep that family feel because we wanted to invest, invest in what is the most important part of a team which is “The Team”. That’s the most important part of our company, and so we invest in them, we spend time with them, and we train them, but we do more than that, we care for them, they are our family. We have family dinners, we have staff parties, we have training events and everything that’s going on in our staff lives we want to know about, so we can help them to go on to the next level.

My goal in this business is not for me to be the leader, I want to build leaders in my business, Thai leaders, male leaders, and female leaders and I want them to step up and I want them to show them that there’s a new way that you can run a business in Thailand, that is customer centric focused, that is all about the experience. Our tagline is “Experiences the 5 Star Marine difference” and the reason is that 5 Star Marine is all about the experience.

Our team takes care of you all the time, they will be in the water with you pointing out the different coral, pointing out the fish, serving you fresh fruit, whatever you want, whatever you need, we have requests from honeymoons to proposals, to 50th wedding anniversaries, to 40th birthdays, we have post-wedding parties, you name it we have done it. We want you to go back with an experience that you’re never going to forget, that’s what to me is the goal of 5 Star Marine.