The Beautiful Coral Island – Phuket, Thailand, Private Boat Tour

The Beautiful Coral Island – Phuket, Thailand, Private Boat Tour

The Beautiful Coral Island – Phuket, Thailand, Private Boat Tour

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Coral Island, also known locally as Koh He, is an easy and family-friendly day-trip destination from Phuket. Going on a private VIP speedboat tour of Coral Island with 5 Star Marine you will get to see more than you would be able to with other tour operators. The experienced team will take you to the best snorkeling spots, and can help you pick the beach / restaurant depending on your requirements as they know everything the island has to offer.

Coral Island or Koh He?

Coral island is known locally as Coral Island is a great place to visit especially if you like to explore the region’s diverse marine environment and visit different islands., but most people will call it Coral Island. Although being a small island, it has a lot to offer whether you’re looking for a place to relax or go on an adventure.

The beautiful island getaway is only about 3 km southeast of Phuket. Coral Island has 2 main beaches: Long Beach and Banana Beach and the snorkeling off Banana Beach is awesome but more of that later. The island is about 2.5 Km long with a dense tropical jungle in the center of the island. There is one other secluded beach on the South of the island called Freedom Beach.

Coral Island – Great for families

Coral Island is one of the best family-friendly tours that 5 Star Marine Phuket runs. The island is safe for children to play, with white soft sand perfect for sand castles, as well as rock pools during low tide for children to explore, and they can learn to snorkel right from the beach, which makes it a fantastic destination for the little ones, and for those that may be a little worried about snorkeling from the back of the boat or in deeper water. The marine life just off the beach is stunning.

There are also plenty of deckchairs that you can sit on, as well as a fabulous restaurant and all the facilities and amenities that children and adults and the older adults (Grandparents) would need.

What to do on Coral Island?

There is so much to do on Coral Island, snorkeling from the beach or going around the backside of the island to do some deeper snorkeling, exploring the island trails and looking for the beautiful hornbills that are iconic on the island. Or just sitting back and enjoying some freshly made Thai food from the awesome restaurant.

Some of the main things you can do:

  • Snorkeling – The island is surrounded by shallow coastal waters with beautiful coral reefs and colourful fishes. There are multiple snorkeling spots around the island. Our 5 Star Marine Phuket Team can show you the best spots to go and teach you how to snorkel.
  • Chilling on the beach – One of the best things to do on a beach is to just relax and soak up the sun. There are deckchairs on the sand or just lay down your towel and watch the world go by.
  • Diving – The island is a great place to learn to dive as well as is suitable for those intermediate divers as there is so much to see. Diverse coral reefs, turtles, lionfish, and various other marine animals all can be seen at Coral Island
  • Other Watersports – There are other watersports available on the island including parasailing and kayaking.
  • Viewpoints and selfie spots – If you are looking for that next Instagram picture then Coral Island has a host of dedicated selfie spots.

Coral Island is a great place to visit especially if you are a family looking for an ideal tropical island private day tour getaway.

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