Phuket Tourism News – Phuket’s Haze, Decreased Tourists and New Flights
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Phuket Tourism News – Phuket’s Haze, Decreased Tourists and New Flights

Phuket Tourism News – Phuket’s Haze, Decreased Tourists and New Flights

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Phuket Tourism News | Episode 15 | April 30

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What is causing the Phuket Haze?

The local Phuket authorities have said not to worry as the rain will clear the haze. This is what we reported on last week and even thou there had at the time of writing this, been no rain the Haze has gone.

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a haze over Phuket. No one seems to know 100% where it is coming from BUT there have been a few theories on where the haze came from.

A Belgium expat living in Phuket for the past 13 years has said that the haze “phenomenon” (as the local officials like to call it) is not a natural phenomenon, but it’s from human causes.

He has said that the haze or “smog” as he calls it is a result of human pollutants, heavy burning fields in the north of Thailand along with vehicle emissions and factory pollution. (Oh really…)

Officials have not said anything like this and are saying but they do agree that the winds patterns have been weak which means the haze has been over Phuket for longer than normal.

We think that the haze has something to do with the same whales that have been doing their business in the klongs, hence why we have sent out Pet Dick Jay Leshark to investigate.

Watch this space…

Phuket Tourist Numbers

For 2023, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, known as the TAT, set its target for foreign tourist arrivals at 23 million.

Phuket welcomed 9 million Thai and foreign visitors in 2022, and the target of 12 million for 2023 4 months into the year is looking good. Yet, the huge number of tourists during January, February, and March has started to ease. This is really noticeable on the roads, with there being a noticeable difference in the number of cars and minivans driving around the paradise island of Phuket. The local shopping centers, and beaches are also less busy with tourists.

One thing that has been pointed out by many local people is the voices that you hear in Phuket. During the peak and high season, there was an increase in the Russian language being heard around the island, and in the past few weeks that have been replaced by Chinese. This coming low season will be a very interesting time for Phuket to see how the recovery from the 2 years of the pandemic is really shaping out and with the news below about flights from China, it looks like Phuket is really on track to do over, and above the 12 million.

New Flights to Phuket

More flights have been added between Thailand and China amid surging demand. Spring Airlines of China will increase flights between China and Thailand to cater to the soaring number of visitors, boosting the total flights between the two countries to 82 per week.

In a courtesy call to Phuket governor last week, Chinese Ambassador to Thailand Han Zhiqiang estimated that Chinese tourist arrivals will rise to more than 300,000 in April.

Upcoming Events in Phuket

Marriott Bonvoy on Wheels BLOC Party

PHAB 5 20th May

Phuket Bike Week

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