Best Snorkeling Spots In Phuket

Best Snorkeling Spots In Phuket

Best Snorkeling Spots In Phuket

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There is amazing snorkeling in and around Phuket, but where are some of the best places to go to really get that snorkeling experience? We have chosen 5 (ok seven as we couldn’t get it down to five) that we think are great spots and each has benefits depending on who you are, and what kind of snorkeling tour you are looking for.

These best snorkeling spots in Phuket are in no particular order.

Best Snorkeling Spot In Phuket #1 Similan Islands

Established as a national park in 1982, Similan Islands are an archipelago of 11 islands in the Andaman Sea, 70 km off the coast in Phang Nga Province.

This little archipelago is one of the most interesting snorkeling areas in the world, with stunning crystal-clear waters and an array of marine life. Its home to turtles and whale sharks (depending on the time of year).

The conditions for coral growth are ideal, with a minimum prevailing sea temperature of about 28°C and exceptionally clear waters. More than 200 species of hard coral alone have so far been identified in this area, while these islands have the greatest profusion of reef fish in Thai waters. 

Best Snorkeling Spot In Phuket #2 Koh Haa & Koh Rok

If you are looking for something a little more exotic, lesser-known, and arguably as beautiful, (if not more), than the Similan Islands, then Koh Haa & Koh Roc is for you. These small islands are situated just south of Koh Lanta in the Mu Ko Lanta National Park.

For a very special experience, these two islands combine stunning water clarity with a diverse range of colorful marine life and corals and therefore offer some of the best snorkeling opportunities you can find. In season, you can also regularly see whale sharks between these islands too.

Best Snorkeling Spot In Phuket #3 Racha Island

The two tropical Racha Islands; Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi, are sometimes called Raya Island or even King Island. BUT the name doesn’t matter as these stunning Phuket tropical islands provide the ideal destination to enjoy nature with some of the best snorkeling reefs in Thailand and quiet, tropical white powdery beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

The Racha Islands are comprised of two islands, Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi. (Yai means “big” in Thai and, noi means “little”). The islands possess crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. They are very popular with divers and snorkellers, with challenging dive sites for advanced divers as well as plenty for beginners and snorkellers.

Best Snorkeling Spot In Phuket #4 Phi Phi

The Phi Phi islands are an archipelago of 6 islands, with the 2 main islands being Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. These picture postcard islands are excellent tropical getaways in Southeast Asia and are one of the most popular private Phuket boat tours.

Phi Phi has pristine beaches, stunning limestone rock formations, and clear turquoise waters teeming with colourful sea life.

Best Snorkeling Spot In Phuket #4 Khai Islands

Two of them (Khai Nai and Khai Nok) have superb sandy beaches and incredibly clear water where swarms of colourful and friendly fish come to swim around you. This makes these two Khai islands perfect for those who have never tried snorkeling and would like to try, or for those who are a little nervous to snorkel in deep water. You are able to walk into the water and snorkel right from the beach, you don’t even need to float or swim as you will be able to explorer the underwater world while sanding.

Khai Nui might not have that tropical white sandy beach, or any restaurants, in fact it has nothing at all, BUT you can snorkel here and see an array of amazing marine wildlife, as well as drop in a line and hook and we can pretty much guarantee that you will catch something for either your dinner or the crew’s dinner.

Best Snorkeling Spot In Phuket #5 Mai Ton Island

Maiton Island is famous for its unspoiled nature and the spectacular underwater world, and the best things to do at Maiton Island all happen in the clear tropical waters around the island.

Maiton Island offers some fantastic snorkeling. The coral reefs are alive and teeming with a variety of tropical fish and you can also Enjoy a mesmerizing experience through a giant clam garden. The best time for snorkeling at Maiton island is from December to May when the sea around Maiton is crystal clear like a blue mirror.

Best Snorkeling Spot In Phuket #6 Coral Island

Coral island is known locally as Coral Island is a great place to visit especially if you like to explore the region’s diverse marine environment and visit different islands., but most people will call it Coral Island. Although being a small island, it has a lot to offer whether you’re looking for a place to relax or go on an adventure.

The island is surrounded by shallow coastal waters with beautiful coral reefs and colorful fishes. There are multiple snorkeling spots around the island.