Similan Islands Private Boat Tour – Phuket’s Clearest Water And Best Snorkeling

Similan Islands Private Boat Tour – Phuket’s Clearest Water And Best Snorkeling

Similan Islands Private Boat Tour – Phuket’s Clearest Water And Best Snorkeling

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LATEST NEWS: Similan Islands Thailand are now fully Open

The Similan Islands is one of the best-known island groups in Thailand, and its fame is heavily due to having some of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world.

Established as a national park in 1982, Similan Islands are an archipelago of 11 islands in the Andaman Sea, 70 km off the coast in Phang Nga Province. This little archipelago is one of the most interesting snorkeling areas in the world, with stunning crystal-clear waters and an array of marine life. It’s home to turtles and whale sharks (depending on the time of year).

The conditions for coral growth are ideal, with a minimum prevailing sea temperature of about 28°C and exceptionally clear waters. More than 200 species of hard coral alone have so far been identified in this area, while these islands have the greatest profusion of reef fish in Thai waters.

Fun Fact – Similan Islands are the maritime border between India and Thailand

Originally the Similan Islands consisted of 9 islands. The name Similan comes from Malaysian, which means 9. In 2014 the islands Koh Bon and Koh Tachai were added to the Mu Ko Similan National Park. So now the Similan Islands consist of eleven islands but the name has remained the same. To keep it all a bit clear, or to possibly make it a bit unclear the islands have all been given a number in addition to a name.

Koh Huyong (nr 1)

Koh Payang (nr 2)

Koh Payan (nr 3)

Koh Miang (nr 4)

Koh Ha (nr 5)

Koh Payu (nr 6)

Koh Hin Pousar (nr 7)

Koh Similan (nr 8)

Koh Bangu (nr 9)

Koh Bon (nr 10)

Koh Tachai (nr 11)

What to expect on your 5 Star Marine Phuket Similan Island Private Boat Tour


By selecting to go to the Similan Islands Private Boat Tour with 5 Star Marine you will get to see more than you would be able to with other tour operators. The experienced team will take you to the best snorkeling spots and picturesque islands, plus can help you pick the perfect beach to relax upon, ensuring that your day out in these stunning islands is everything you could wish for.

What will you see at the Similan Islands Private Boat Tour?

In the Similan Islands are clownfish (Yes that’s right Nemo fish as most people call them), moonfish, moray eels, seahorses, squids, turtles, all kinds of rays, reef sharks, barracudas, whale sharks, manta rays, and many other species of colorful tropical fish.

Of course, you may not see all these amazing marine creatures at the Similan Islands Private Boat Tour, as it will depend on when you are there, but you are guaranteed to see an array of tropical fish in some of the most crystal-clear water that you will ever experience.

We have not even mentioned the stunning viewpoints at the Similan Islands and if you are feeling fit and healthy then you can head up to the top of one of the viewpoints to get a perfect picture of tropical island life.

Similan Islands is stunning. Is it worth the 2-hour boat ride from Phuket? The answer is simple, Yes, it is.

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