Phuket Tourism News – Thailand’s Elections, Renting a Motorbike, Phuket Monkeys and Maya Bay Closing In August 2023
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Phuket Tourism News – Thailand’s Elections, Renting a Motorbike, Phuket Monkeys and Maya Bay Closing In August 2023

Phuket Tourism News – Thailand’s Elections, Renting a Motorbike, Phuket Monkeys and Maya Bay Closing In August 2023

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LATEST NEWS: Maya Bay Will Close Again in 2024.

Full Details Here MAYA BAY CLOSING 2024

Phuket Tourism News | Episode 18 | May 21

Welcome to the Phuket Tourism News. Each week Shaun and Jay Leshark will bring you weekly Phuket Tourism News. Phuket News that is for you, Phuket News for those coming to Phuket, and Phuket Tourism News that is what you need to make sure you have an amazing time when you come on holiday to Phuket.

Speedboat accident in Phuket


On Wednesday 17th May a Phuket speedboat carrying 37 people hit a channel marker in Chalong Bay in the south of Phuket. The accident occurred when Thanathip Marine 555 was bringing foreign tourists back from Phi Phi Island to Chalong Bay.

The Phuket speedboat smashed into a channel marker about 700 meters from Chalong pier and sustained huge damage to the bow (front) of the boat. Around 10 people including the Thai speedboat driver suffered broken limbs and all the injured were taken to hospitals around Phuket.

The Phuket authorities were very quick to respond to the incident and had cleared the roads to Chalong Pier to make it easier for the emergency services to arrive and all injured parties were delt with as soon as they arrived at Chalong Pier.

The captain and other individuals will be questioned to find out what was the cause of this accident.

Similan Islands Closed


The Similan Islands are now closed. Yes, we have told you this before but we are still getting many people asking to book this tour.

Every year, from May 16th until the 15th of October 2023 the Similan Islands are closed to visitors to safeguard the marine habitat and

stimulate its recovery. At 5 Star Marine, we stop running tours to the Similan Islands from the 5th of May. Are reason to close the tour off early is that the seas out to the Similan Islands are very open which means they get a lot rougher than seas into Phang Nga Bay.

Maya Bay Closing In August 2023?


Yes, it is, when? Well, we believe that it will close on the 1st of August 2023, however, we have still not had any official statement as yet from the Thailand National Park authorities. We also believe that Maya Bay will be closing in August 2023 and reopen on 1st October.

Neutering Phuket Monkeys


Monkeys are everywhere in Thailand and these inquisitive little creatures do look cute and cuddly; however, they are wild animals and can cause a lot of damage if left unmanaged. There have been parts of Phuket where the local government has moved monkeys away from tourist areas due to the risk of monkeys biting.

Feeding wild monkeys, although looks great for your Instagram reel or Tik Tok video, but it does cause issues, and its something that the local Phuket authorities want to stop.

The other thing that the local Phuket wildlife officials want to stop is the number of monkeys. So, to control the population of macaque monkeys, dozens have been caught and taken to the Nature and Wildlife Education Centre at Khao Phra Thaew Wildlife Sanctuary where they are Neutered and then released back into areas where they can be safe and away from tourists.

Upcoming Events in Phuket

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An Evening with Tyson Fury –



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