The Best Beaches in the World Another List 2024 | Thailand Beaches

The Best Beaches in the World Another List 2024 | Thailand Beaches

The Best Beaches in the World Another List 2024 | Thailand Beaches

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Beach Atlas, a UK based travel website has just released its Golden Beach Award for 2024.

There has been another best beach in the world list, and this time they are the Golden Beach Awards 2024.

What are the Golden Beach Awards, well apart from a great way to get some good SEO content on your website.

In the words of Beach Atlas:

“Typically, the quest for the world’s best beaches zeroes in on their visual allure — powdery sands and clear blue waters. Our selection goes beyond the conventional, embracing a richer tapestry of what makes a beach remarkable”

So, before we look into the 100 beaches and see which Thailand beaches have made it to the list, as just remember a few months ago, Maya Beach was voted number 1 and in a different list Koh Kradan was voted number 1, so we would expect to see them on the list, what criteria did Beach Atlas use to create its list:

In the words of Beach Atlas:

“This is the first selection ever to expand and encompass diverse criteria such as the value to the local community, DEI, lifestyle offerings, and cultural significance. This broader perspective allowed us to shine a light on those beach gems that typically don’t make it onto traditional, unidimensional ‘best beach’ lists. Building on this criteria, we developed a selection process where we invited selected travel experts and influencers from around the world to cast their votes and help curate the list.”

Drum roll please,

The top Golden Beach Award in the world according to Beach Atlas goes to?


Imagine glimmering, turquoise, lagoon water…for as far as your peripheral vision can see. Surround it with white sandy beaches, fringed by a ring of vivid green, palm studded motus and that’s what you get at Bora Bora.


But we are not here for other beaches around the world, where did the Thailand beaches come in the list?

The highest-ranking Thailand Beach was in 5th place:

Maya Bay – Thailand’s showstopper, boasts clear blue waters, dramatic cliffs, and beautiful white sand. It’s not just nature’s masterpiece but also a Hollywood star.

Next up was:

Pattaya Beach at number 12 – Now I don’t have that much to say about Pattaya Beach as I have only ever been there once and to be very honest, I cannot believe that it has made this list or any best beach in the world list. But hey it’s a great search term.

The final Thailand beach hitting the Top 10 is:

In 66th place Railay beach in Krabi. – Ok, a nice beach and one we do visit on our Krabi Island tours. If you like to climb then this is the location for some of the best rock climbing in the South of Thailand.

It’s a very strange list if I am being honest. Even Brighton Beach in the UK was on the list, but it’s great for Beach Atlas as this list has made all the Asia news outlets, and even us here at 5 Star Marine and jumping on the best beaches SEO bandwagon.

So, if you think you have a top 100 beach list send it in, as I think we should start our own.

Sourced content from: BeachAtlas