Island Escape by Burasari

Island Escape by Burasari is located on Koh Maphrao (Coconut Island), It is only 10 minutes away from Phuket from the 5 Star Marine Phuket pier at Boat Lagoon Marina.

Island Escape by Burasari Resort and Private Villas provides an ideal quiet getaway, romantic holidays, family gathering and secluded corporate retreats. With a modern lifestyle in the historic charm of Island life, a gorgeous white sandy beach with a local watersport, and an awesome pool. Oh, if you are staying at Island Escape by Burasari and want to book a 5 Star Marine tour we can pick you up right from your resort.

Island Escape by Burasari, Phuket Thailand

Island Escape by Burasari is a 5 Star luxury island resort on the pristine tropical island off the coast of Phuket in Thailand’s Andaman Sea, Coconut Island. Island Escape by Burasari  is surrounded by a dreamy landscape of breathtaking ocean views of Phang Nga Bay, cascading waterfalls, three private beaches and lush tropical gardens. Island Escape by Burasari offers a mix of private villas and uniquely designed rooms, each sustainably dressed using natural materials and authentic elements.

Island Escape by Burasari has an ambiance filled with outstanding possibilities. Providing youthful, lively, fun experiences where couples can indulge in privacy and intimacy, while children, extended family and friends can enjoy the resort’s fabulous repertoire of pools and beaches, landscaped gardens, wellness programs and adventure excursions both on land and on the water.

Fabulous food and inspired dining ambiance are part of the uncommonly unique holiday experience. A line-up of tantalizing Thai and international cuisine, ocean-fresh seafood and light-fare favorites plus house-original cocktails and revitalizing fruit shakes prepared by our talented culinary team.

Then there is the pool. It’s hard to write the words to explain the main swimming pool at Island Escape by Burasari. The only thing we can say is WOW, really WOW.

Coconut Island, Phuket Thailand

Even thou Coconut Island or in Thai, Koh Maphrao (Maphrao is the Thai word for coconut) is only 750 meters away from Phuket, at its closest point, the atmosphere on the two islands is very different. Coconut Island offers white sandy beaches and a stunning limestone coastline to explore rock pools and scrambling adventures and a thick tropical forest that is great for hiking and mountain biking. The small village that sits in the middle of the island is a fishing village with a few small very local shops and a small local school.

If you are staying at Island Escape by Burasari you will also get to watch the sunrise over Phang Nga Bay.

5 Star Marine Phuket Tours

If you would like to go on a 5 Star Marine Phuket private boat tour while you are staying at Island Escape by Burasari then you are in for some good news. We can come and pick you up directly from the resort pier, and drop you off when the tour is finished. Door-to-door service. You can either book direct with the Island Escape by Burasari front desk or with us here at 5 Star Marine Phuket.

Island Escape by Burasari Details


Telephone: +66 (0) 76643643

Email: [email protected]

Address: Island Escape by Burasari

94/4 Moo 6, Tambon Koh Kaew, Amphoe Muang,

Phuket 83200 Thailand

When Is Maya Bay Closing?

Maya Bay Closed – Full Details In this video:

Maya Bay History

Maya Bay, a breathtakingly beautiful cove nestled on the idyllic island of Phi Phi Ley, has long been considered one of the most iconic sites in the Phi Phi archipelago. Its turquoise waters, powder-soft sands and towering limestone cliffs have captivated visitors from around the world, earning it a reputation as a true paradise on earth.

However, it was not until the year 2000 that Maya Bay truly rose to worldwide fame; when it was chosen as the primary filming location for the blockbuster movie “The Beach,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The film’s plot centred around a group of travellers who sought to establish their own utopian sanctuary, free from the constraints and chaos of the modern world; and Maya Bay served as the perfect backdrop for this quest.

Since then, people have flocked to Maya Bay, eager to witness first-hand the stunning beauty and natural wonder that so enchanted Hollywood filmmakers, and it has become a must-see destination for anyone visiting the Phi Phi Islands.

Why Does Maya Bay Close?

Tourists were originally allowed to return in January 2022 after Maya Bay was closed for almost three and a half years (by order of The Department of National Parks Wildlife and Plant Conservation). The stunning Bay has been closed for a few months at a time since this point in order to aid continued rehabilitation efforts.

The area closes in an effort to help the recovery of marine life, coral reefs and underwater gardens. These periods also allow for infrastructure repairs on the island. Park authorities have previously planted new coral reef areas and additional trees have been positioned by the beach in order to help prevent erosion; all of this was as part of efforts to recover the whole area. The closures serve as a good reminder of the huge efforts that continue to go into restoring this area.

When Will It Close In 2023?

It is predicted that Maya Bay will once again close in order to undergo a period of natural rehabilitation from August 2023 (updated 13 May 2023). This will allow the delicate ecosystem to recover and flourish, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy this stunning location in its full glory.

However, fear not – This does not mean that you cannot still experience the beauty of Maya Bay on your Phi Phi Island private luxury speedboat Tour. While walking on the actual beach will not be permitted during this period of rehabilitation, you can still take in the incredible scenery from the comfort of our private speedboats. Marvel at the towering limestone cliffs, crystal-clear waters and white sands that have captured the hearts of travellers. In fact, this private boat tour offers a unique perspective on the bay, as you can enjoy the beauty of Maya Bay from the water; soaking in the serenity of nature in all its glory.

Responsible Tourism

After the rehabilitation closure period, when Maya Bay reopens once again, you will be able to see how the wildlife has returned and thrived; the bay is home to clownfish, lobsters and even blacktip sharks. The Marine Park continue to work tirelessly to get Maya Bay back to its previous paradise condition; so, at 5 Star Marine we ensure that our tours adhere to new rules and help demonstrate respectful tourism.

Please contact us to find out more about Phi Phi, Maya Bay closure dates or to book a bespoke private day trip itinerary.

Shaun Stenning

+66 (0) 93720 6221

[email protected]

Similan Islands Set to Close in May, 2023

The Similan Islands are located off the coast of Phang Nga Province in the Andaman Sea. These islands are one of the most recognised island groups in the area, and they are renowned for having some of the world’s best coral reefs which makes them an incredibly popular snorkelling and scuba diving destination. The Similan Islands feature large rock formations on the coasts of a number of the Islands, which form a particular and memorable characteristic for this location.

The Time To Visit

With only a few weeks left to visit the spectacular Similan Islands before their scheduled closure, now is the last time to book your private tour with 5 Star Marine.

Similan Islands Closing

Every year, from May 16th until the 15th October 2023 (updated 27.04.2023), the Similan Islands are closed to visitors in order to safeguard the marine habitat and stimulate its recovery. The date changes slightly from year to year, but you can find the most up-to-date information here.

The closing time allows coral reefs, marine life and the beaches all to recuperate from the consequences of tourism; such as the pollution and physical harm which comes with it. This contributes to the Islands’ continued existence as a magnificent and sustainable natural attraction for future generations to enjoy.

In addition, the Andaman Sea receives harsh monsoon weather conditions at this time, which can cause strong waves and winds making for unsafe conditions for both boats and people to get to the islands.

Ecosystem Regeneration

The Similan Islands, despite their popularity, are a vulnerable ecology. Therefore, whilst they are open to visitors, from October each year, the National Park asks that all guests follow the set regulations in order to preserve these Island’s natural beauty. This includes taking care not to harm or disturb coral reefs, avoiding littering or polluting and only trekking on approved routes and walkways so as not to disrupt the delicate ecosystem.

Marine Life

Mu Ko Similan National Park encompasses an area of around 140 square kilometres and includes the Similan Islands. The park is home to a diverse range of marine life, including tropical fish, sea turtles and reef sharks in addition to various bird and mammal species.

Beautiful coral reefs and other rare marine life such as whales, dolphins and Moray eels may be found beneath the amazingly transparent turquoise seas. The coral and marine life in the Similan Islands is so diverse that it is estimated that there are over 500 types of hard and soft coral here.

With the Similan Islands plus so many other inspired day trips to select from, please contact us to discuss your requirements, or to book a bespoke private day trip itinerary.

Shaun Stenning

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[email protected]

The Beautiful Racha Island – Phuket, Thailand, Private Boat Tour

The two tropical Racha Islands; Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi, are sometimes called Raya Island or even King Island. BUT the name doesn’t matter as these stunning Phuket tropical islands provide the ideal destination to enjoy nature with some of the best snorkeling reefs in Thailand and quiet, tropical white powdery beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

The Racha Islands are comprised of two islands, Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi. (Yai means “big” in Thai and, noi means “little”). The islands possess crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. They are very popular with divers and snorkellers, with challenging dive sites for advanced divers as well as plenty for beginners and snorkellers.

Racha Yai

Racha Yai is the closer of the two islands to Phuket. It is also the only Racha island that is inhabited, mostly by Muslim farmers and fishermen and those working at the few resorts and restaurants that are on the island.

Ao Tawan Tok is the main beach, on the island’s northwest coast, and has some of the softest sand that you will ever encounter anywhere in the world. It is almost a snow white colour and has a consistency like talcum powder. There are a few bungalow resorts and restaurants located here, including the 5-star The Racha.

Racha Yai is not as popular with day-trippers from Phuket as some of the other Phuket islands like Khai Islands and of course Maya Bay in Phi Phi, but it can get a little busy in the afternoons but nothing to crazy.

Racha Noi

Heading south from Racha Yai is the uninhabited, Racha Noi. The beaches on this island are rockier rather than sandy. There is some really good fishing to be done around Racha Noi, but if you are looking for, a perfect Phuket Island location for your private boat tour then best head to Racha Noi’s big sister Island Racha Yai.

Scuba Diving and Free Diving

Both scuba diving and free diving are hugely popular around Racha. For those wishing to learn either sport, the waters close to the island are perfect, as they are crystal clear and warm and the diving is easy.

As you improve, or want to go deeper, just a short trip further out from the Racha Islands, you get to some very deep water, some very deep clear waters, which are perfect for free diving.

It is so good that Deep Week Thailand takes place here. Deep Week is the world’s premier Freediving education event and the world’s largest freediving festival.

The scuba diving is also ideal around Racha Island as the waters are clear and there are also some great manmade wreaks to dive around and though like a sunken motorbike, so you can take that perfect underwater selfie.

Getting to Racha

A private boat trip to Racha will take around 30 to 40 minutes from the 5 Star Marine Phuket pier at Boat Lagoon Marina. You can also add in a few stops either on the way or on the way back.

Stop on the way at Maiton Island to do some snorkeling and maybe spot a dolphin or 2.

Stop on the way back from Racha at Koh Rang Noi for a sunset BBQ or at the floating restaurants at Laem Hin to enjoy a sunset seafood meal.

Racha Island is a stunning destination for relaxation, fantastic beaches and plenty of snorkelling, and 5 Star Marine Phuket team know exactly where to go for the best bays, quiet beaches and coral reefs in this area, and can also suggest some idyllic restaurants to stop at.

If you want to learn more about the awesome Racha Islands, Raya Islands or King Islands then click here to see the full tour

Phuket Tourism News – Similan Closing. Is Maya Bay Open?

Phuket Tourism News | Episode 13 | April 16

Welcome to the Phuket Tourism News. Each week Shaun and Jay Leshark will bring you weekly Phuket Tourism News. Phuket News that is for you, Phuket News for those coming to Phuket, and Phuket Tourism News that is what you need to make sure you have an amazing time when you come on holiday to Phuket.

Phuket Beaches

Over the past few years in Phuket the beaches have been a hot topic. Phuket has some of the best beaches in the world and tens of thousands of tourists from around the world come to Phuket to experience a touch of tropical paradise while chilling on a sunbed under an umbrella while locals walk around selling everything from a refreshing coconut to a shell bracelet and everything in-between. Now on most beaches in Phuket this is the case, such as Patong Beach that has everything you need from a beach day out, including jet ski rides, parasailing and all manner of things to eat and drink. However, beaches such as Surin beach don’t have these, in fact they don’t have anything on the beach. Yes, on the road side there are a number of little shops and food stalls but on the beach nothing, WHY?

Well, some beaches in Thailand, such as Surin Beach and Layan Beach are known as Virgin Beaches or The King Beaches and these beaches are not allowed for anyone, locals or non-locals to do any commerce on the beach. So, no Sunbed hire or food and drinks can be sold on the beach. Of course, you can take your own chairs and food but you will not be able to buy it. So if you are looking for a day out on a beach in Phuket, make sure you have checked to see what type of beach it is.

Visa on Arrival

It has been announced that Thailand offering 45-day visas on arrival has been stopped. Now this might not affect everyone as for those like me who are from Australia only got 30 days anyway, however for those from some countries the 45 days has been reduced to 30 days. The government gave 45 days to help stimulate tourism after the Covid 19 pandemic, but now tourism is back on track they are going back to 30 days.

Fishing restrictions in the Andaman Sea

It has been announced that the Andaman Sea will have a ban on commercial fishing. How this will be managed is a whole other story BUT it’s good news for the environment as t will give time for the fish to re stock and for the authorities to take a good look at the fish stocks and see how they can manage this in the future.

Similan and Maya Bay closing

As with every year during low season many of the islands are closed by the Thailand government to give time for the environment to breath and recover from the mass tourism’s that Thailand sees. Places like Similan Islands have been doing this for years with very positive affects and it was the same when thy first di this with Maya Bay in Phi Phi. The wildlife came back and thrived during the closing periods. Once we know the full dates, we will of course announce it here, but we know for sure that the Similan Islands, Koh Ha Koh Rock will closed and we are waiting for news on the dates for Maya Bay this year and there is talk that they might ever do the same for James Bond Island.

When we know we will let you know.

Upcoming Events in Phuket

Marriott Bonvoy on Wheels BLOC Party

PHAB 5 20th May

Phuket Tourism News now in audio format

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The Beautiful Coral Island – Phuket, Thailand, Private Boat Tour

Coral Island, also known locally as Koh He, is an easy and family-friendly day-trip destination from Phuket. Going on a private VIP speedboat tour of Coral Island with 5 Star Marine you will get to see more than you would be able to with other tour operators. The experienced team will take you to the best snorkeling spots, and can help you pick the beach / restaurant depending on your requirements as they know everything the island has to offer.

Coral Island or Koh He?

Coral island is known locally as Coral Island is a great place to visit especially if you like to explore the region’s diverse marine environment and visit different islands., but most people will call it Coral Island. Although being a small island, it has a lot to offer whether you’re looking for a place to relax or go on an adventure.

The beautiful island getaway is only about 3 km southeast of Phuket. Coral Island has 2 main beaches: Long Beach and Banana Beach and the snorkeling off Banana Beach is awesome but more of that later. The island is about 2.5 Km long with a dense tropical jungle in the center of the island. There is one other secluded beach on the South of the island called Freedom Beach.

Coral Island – Great for families

Coral Island is one of the best family-friendly tours that 5 Star Marine Phuket runs. The island is safe for children to play, with white soft sand perfect for sand castles, as well as rock pools during low tide for children to explore, and they can learn to snorkel right from the beach, which makes it a fantastic destination for the little ones, and for those that may be a little worried about snorkeling from the back of the boat or in deeper water. The marine life just off the beach is stunning.

There are also plenty of deckchairs that you can sit on, as well as a fabulous restaurant and all the facilities and amenities that children and adults and the older adults (Grandparents) would need.

What to do on Coral Island?

There is so much to do on Coral Island, snorkeling from the beach or going around the backside of the island to do some deeper snorkeling, exploring the island trails and looking for the beautiful hornbills that are iconic on the island. Or just sitting back and enjoying some freshly made Thai food from the awesome restaurant.

Some of the main things you can do:

  • Snorkeling – The island is surrounded by shallow coastal waters with beautiful coral reefs and colourful fishes. There are multiple snorkeling spots around the island. Our 5 Star Marine Phuket Team can show you the best spots to go and teach you how to snorkel.
  • Chilling on the beach – One of the best things to do on a beach is to just relax and soak up the sun. There are deckchairs on the sand or just lay down your towel and watch the world go by.
  • Diving – The island is a great place to learn to dive as well as is suitable for those intermediate divers as there is so much to see. Diverse coral reefs, turtles, lionfish, and various other marine animals all can be seen at Coral Island
  • Other Watersports – There are other watersports available on the island including parasailing and kayaking.
  • Viewpoints and selfie spots – If you are looking for that next Instagram picture then Coral Island has a host of dedicated selfie spots.

Coral Island is a great place to visit especially if you are a family looking for an ideal tropical island private day tour getaway.

For more details on this tour click here

Phuket Tourism News: Happy Easter And It’s SONGKRAN!!!

Phuket Tourism News | Episode 12 | April 9

Welcome to the Phuket Tourism News. Each week Shaun and Jay Leshark will bring you weekly Phuket Tourism News. Phuket News that is for you, Phuket News for those coming to Phuket, and Phuket Tourism News that is what you need to make sure you have an amazing time when you come on holiday to Phuket.

Songkran 2023

Songkran in Thailand is on 13 April every year, but the holiday period extends from 14 to 15 April. It’s known around the world as “The World’s largest water fight”



What is Songkran?

Songkran is the Thai New Year’s national holiday and is rich in cultural traditions. Thai’s will visit local temples and offer food to monks, as well as visiting Buddha statues and gently pouring water over these as well as over the hands of the elderly. These traditions represent the purification and the washing away of sins and bad luck.

Most of the world outside of Thailand sees the Songkran holiday for its water fights. Streets around the whole country are closed off to traffic and used as arenas for water fights, using anything and everything to throw water. Huge water guns, hoses, and large buckets filled with blocks of ice in the back of pick-up trucks, are all used for the celebrations. The water fights can last for days.

Then there are the huge speakers blasting out traditional music from every street corner, and dancing in the streets in bright colorful shirts. There are parades and parties everywhere across the country including the famous “Miss Songkran” competitions that includes ladies, boys, girls, men dressed as ladies, and anyone in-between.

In Phuket, Songkran is only one day, whereas in Bangkok the water fights will happen for 3 days.

The History of Songkran

Songkran is the Thai New Year’s national holiday. In the past, Songkran has always been the official NEW YEAR for Thailand, until 1888, when it was changed to April 1st. No Joke it really was. Then in 1940, the Thai New Year was officially switched to 1st January, and Songkran became a national holiday.

Bottom line, Songkran is one of the most fun festivals in the world and you have to experience it at least once. Just know that you will get very wet even if you don’t want to.

Upcoming Events in Phuket

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Tiesto at Andamanda Water Park

Legendary Night of Music

Local Fest

Marriott Bonvoy on Wheels BLOC Party

Dimbulla Estate Phuket International Rugby Elevens 2023

Wedding Fair 2023 – Courtyard by Marriott Phuket Town

Phuket Tourism News now in audio format

We have added the Phuket Tourism News in audio format and you can now listen to it on Apple Music and Spotify or on your favorite podcast provider.

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Thailand’s Glow-in-the-Dark Ocean is Pure Magic

The awesome Chris Parker from the YouTube channel Retired Working For You was down in Phuket a few weeks ago to head out on our brand new tour, Phang Nga Bay Private Bioluminescence and Sea Canoeing Tour.

The Phang Nga Bay Private Bioluminescence and Sea Canoeing Tour is part of 5 Star Marine Phuket’s new collection of luxury and inspired afternoon sea tours tailored to your personal expectations and sea condition on the day of your tour. The Phang Nga Bay Private Bioluminescence and Sea Canoeing tour will take you on a magical journey through the waters around Phang Nga Bay, where you can witness the incredible natural wonder of bioluminescence.

What is Bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. Some creatures are able to emit light and can be found in many forms in the Phang Nga Bay area.

The main organism that creates this natural light show is the bioluminescent plankton, which is present in Phang Nga Bay’s waters. These tiny organisms emit a bright blue-green light when disturbed, producing a captivating appearance in the water. The phenomenon is caused by chemical reactions within the plankton, which produce light as a by-product.

What happens on the Phang Nga Bay Private Bioluminescence and Sea Canoeing tour?

The 5 Star Marine Phuket, private tour will start at lunchtime from our pier at Boat Lagoon Marina. You will set out and the first stop is an awesome lunch at a traditional floating restaurant.

Once you have fueled up on some tasty Thai food, you will be ready to head out on a canoe and discover some hidden caves, coves and lagoons in the Phang Nga Bay area. Ok if you don’t want to paddle don’t worry as one of our team will do it for you, so you can lie back and enjoy the limestone formations and hidden lagoons close up.

And then as the sun sets and the evening slowly comes in over the bay you are at the best time to see one of nature’s true wonders, the bioluminescence. You will be able to see a mesmerizing display of shimmering lights that will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Being surrounded by bioluminescent water is truly enchanting, and this combined with sea canoeing and cave exploring makes the brand new Phang Nga Bay Private Bioluminescence and Sea Canoeing tour a must to do when you are in Phuket.

If you, like Chris Parker from Retired Working For You YouTube channel, would like the opportunity to witness the natural beauty of Phang Nga Bay’s bioluminescence then you can book this tour here

Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island Private Boat Tour

Phang Nga Bay in Phuket, Thailand is possibly one of the most famous Bays in the world.

Most people will only know Phang Nga Bay for one thing, and that is James Bond Island. James Bond Island, or to give it, its real name, Ko Khao Ping Gan, is the beach that was used in the 1970 James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun. It was the movie hideout of Scaramanga (played by Christopher Lee) who at one point in the movie had a duel with James Bond (played by Roger Moore) and in the back ground jutting out from is the needle-shaped limestone kast of Khao Tapu, which translates as Nail Mountain. This has become one of the most photographed places in the whole of Thailand, with most people pulling out the fake gun pose for their Instagram selfies.

But there is so much more to Phang Nga Bay than just James Bond Island.

With lofty limestone karsts and a myriad of islands (over 40), the scenery in Phang Nga Bay is stunning. It’s not just the stunning islands that all shoot up from the emerald waters, it’s the caves, the caverns, and the hidden lagoons that all help make Panag Nga Bay something truly special.

  • Ice Cream Cave
  • Bat Cave
  • Oyster Cave
  • Mangrove Lagoon

Or how about a game of football on a floating pitch at the floating village of Ko Panyee, and after you have built up an appetite you can enjoy some fresh seafood at the floating village.

How about a different view of Phang Nga Bay


For a fabulous view of Phang Nga Bay, you can head to Samet Nangshe viewpoint on the mainland in Phang Nga province. 5 Star Marine Phuket can even take you here so you can get a stunning picture of the whole of Phang Nga Bay.



Watch the Phuket Sunset

Before making your way back to base. Perhaps you might make a final sunset stop at Koh Pear, a small strip of an island that looks and feels like you are walking on water – a perfect end to the day.

Phang Nga Bay Private Bioluminescence and Sea Canoeing Tour

5-Star-Marine-BioluminescenceIf you’re looking for a truly unique and memorable experience, then a private bioluminescence and sea canoeing tour should be at the very top of your list. This tour offers a spectacular afternoon and early evening out on the water, combining the opportunity to experience this stunning natural phenomenon as well as exhilarating sea canoeing activities.

This is part of our new collection of luxury and inspired afternoon sea tours tailored to your personal expectations and sea condition on the day. This tour will take you on a magical journey through the waters around Phang Nga Bay, where you can witness the incredible natural wonder of bioluminescence.

For more details on this tour click here.

For full details of our James Bond, Phang Nga tour click here.

Phuket Tourism News, Earths 100 Best Beaches, Earth Hour, Beach Clean Ups

Phuket Tourism News | Episode 11 | April 2

Welcome to the Phuket Tourism News. Each week Shaun and Jay Leshark will bring you weekly Phuket Tourism News. Phuket News that is for you, Phuket News for those coming to Phuket, and Phuket Tourism News that is what you need to make sure you have an amazing time when you come on holiday to Phuket.

Earth’s BEST 100 Beaches

Is there a definitive list of the best beaches in the world? Well, the World Beach Guide says there is, and this year they released the top 100 beaches in the world. Think powder white sand, turquoise seas, permanent sunshine, and only the lightest of breezes wafting through the palms that fringe the beach and you’re there. From the endless white sands of remote Australian beaches to palm fringed tropical idylls these are all part of the list that the World Beach Guide has compiled.

The best news is that the number 1 best beach on the whole earth is Koh Kradan.

We are so lucky as there are 4 beaches from Phuket in the top 25, and 3 of these are on the 5 Star Marine tour list, so if you want to see them book up a tour NOW.

#1. Koh Kradan // Thailand 🇹🇭

#9. Railay Beach // Thailand 🇹🇭

#18. Freedom Beach // Thailand🇹🇭

#21. Laem Had Beach // Thailand 🇹🇭

Phuket Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement organized by the World Wildlife Fund, WWF (Not the wrestling company). The event is held annually, encouraging individuals, communities, and businesses to turn off non-essential electric lights, for one hour from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., usually on the last Saturday of March, as a symbol of commitment to the planet.

Earth hour was celebrated all over Phuket with Phuket Hotels, Phuket Resorts, Phuket attractions, and Phuket Schools all turning ff their lights for an hour and doing beach clean ups and other events and activities to help promote and be part of Earth Hour 2023.

Phuket Beach Clean Ups

Phuket has beach clean-ups happening most weekends somewhere on one of the many Phuket Beaches. One of the most active groups for beach cleaning is Sustainable Mai Khao, who are out almost every day cleaning and educating on the importance of keeping Phuket beaches clean. Sustainable Mai Khao’s mission is “Connecting and empowering our community to preserve our natural environment.” If you would like to get involved then you visit their website at

When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Phuket?

The editor of the YouTube videos Kyle, had the best answer to this question, he said at least 3 times a year.

There are many good times to visit Phuket, and it really does depend on what you are looking for, who you are with, budget and I am sure many more things that I can’t think of right now.

If you want perfect weather then peak season, the end of Dec and Jan is the best time to visit BUT this is also one of the busiest times and most expensive times.

If you don’t mind about the weather and its ok if you get a bit wet or some of the activities are closed, BUT the island is a little quieter and cheaper, than low season July to Oct is a great time to visit.

So, if you want a direct answer, come to Phuket during the shoulder periods. These are the times just before the low season or just before the high season. You will find the weather is pretty good, the prices are reasonable and the island is not too busy.

Upcoming Events in Phuket

Marriott Bonvoy on Wheels BLOC Party

Tiesto at Andamanda Water Park

Legendary Night of Music

Local Fest

Marriott Bonvoy on Wheels BLOC Party

Dimbulla Estate Phuket International Rugby Elevens 2023

Wedding Fair 2023 – Courtyard by Marriott Phuket Town

Phuket Tourism News now in audio format

We have added the Phuket Tourism News in audio format and you can now listen to it on Apple Music and Spotify or on your favorite podcast provider.

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