Phang Nga Bay Phuket Private Boat

With 5 Star Marine, you can hire one of our luxury VIP speedboats for an exclusive Phang Nga Bay Private Boat tour. Phang-Nga Bay, (or Ao Phang Nga National Park), has long been a popular destination for travelers from around the world and consists of numerous, beautiful islands.

Phang Nga Bay was a famous destination long before hit movies that were filmed there came out, including the 1974 Bond movie The Man With The Golden Gun, which made ‘James Bond Island’ a world-renowned site.

With a custom Phang Nga Bay Private Boat, you will get guided around hidden coves and lagoons, as well as have the chance to stop off at the iconic James Bond Island if you wish. Our Phang Nga Bay Private Boat VIP tour is completely flexible, so you can customize your day with the help of our expert crew and captains to get an experience that is perfect for you.

On your Phang Nga Bay Private Boat day trip, you will see some stunning seascapes, including the huge jutting-out limestone formations and numerous caves. The whole area is a spectacular bay that offers a multitude of natural wonders just waiting to be explored.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous on your Phang Nga Bay Private Boat trip, why not do a little spot of sea kayaking and explore the incredible caves inside the towering karst formations in the area. Our crew knows exactly where to take you for these types of experiences, and are experts at beating the crowds too.

While on your Phang Nga Bay Private Boat trip, you will be taken on a tropical journey, and we would suggest making a stop off at the picturesque Gypsy Village (the floating Muslim community of Koh Panyee) during your day, perhaps for lunch. Here you will get to see huts, restaurants, and even a floating football pitch which are all built over the water.

Experience nature’s spectacular works of art; where the vast karst rock scenery presents a visually stunning location on your luxury Phang Nga Bay Private Boat. However please note this is not for those looking to go snorkeling, the Phang Nga Bay trip is all about the seascapes, canoeing, caving, and exploring.

5 Star Marine’s Phang Nga Bay Private Boat tour creates an unforgettable time at this world-renowned destination. By selecting this day trip, you will get the opportunity to discover Phang Nga Bay in the best conditions, with the least number of tourists and also see parts of Phang Nga Bay that you will not experience on group tours.

Although our Phang Nga Bay Private Boat day trip is customizable, here is an idea of a sample itinerary you might enjoy:

  • Visit a hidden cave around Panak Island
  • Swim in clear turquoise waters at Ko Kudu Yai
  • Lunch and sightseeing at Koh Panyee floating village
  • James Bond Island tour (from Koh Ping Ghan)
  • Canoeing/caving in the Phang Nga Bay area

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