Thailand Pass, Phuket Sandbox, Test And Go – We’re Confused Are You?

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We’ve been receiving a lot of messages lately with confused travelers asking us to clarify the current rules on entry into Thailand and more than that, what they can do once they are here in Phuket.

  • Can you go Island Hopping in the Phuket Sandbox?
  • Do you need to stay the full 7 days of the Phuket Sandbox is the same hotel?
  • Is the Sandbox even relevant anymore considering that Test and Go restarts on February 1st?

These are all good questions and some of them are a little more difficult to answer than others. So let’s start firstly with how you enter Phuket / Thailand. On the 1st February, 2022 forward Thailand is reopening on the Test and Go scheme.

This is an entry scheme into Thailand that allows you to fly to any international airport in Thailand. Once landed in you will show your Test and Go paperwork and then you will spend 1 night in a specific type of hotel. In most cases that is a SHA Plus Approved hotel.

The reason for the 1 night is you are waiting on the result of your on-arrival RT-PCR test. Once that test result is provided and is negative you are free to move around Thailand, there are no restrictions.

You will be required to take a second RT-PCR test on Day 5 of your stay, and on that night, you also need to stay in a SHA Plus Approved hotel waiting for your result.

Once that test is clear, you are then also free again to move around Thailand as you like.

Now there are other entry schemes into Thailand like the Sandbox, Sandbox Extension, and also Alternate Quarantine but in our opinion, all of these schemes are irrelevant RIGHT NOW as the Test and Go scheme is reopened.

Instead of confusing you with these schemes, we will just recommend you apply and enter on the Test and Go scheme.

This means that when you are in Thailand and specifically Phuket you can go on ANY tour that you like. You can go to Phi Phi Islands and see the amazing Maya Bay, you can go to Phang Nga Bay and see the stunning James Bond Island.

In fact, more than 11 destinations are open to you, you can see some of them in this video here.

We hope this helps clarify the current situation here in Phuket and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.