Team Building Full Day Program

Team Bonding Experience + Island Dinner

This combined experience will allow guests to spend the day enjoying and taking part in team building activities, which can be held at a number of island destinations to suit your requirements. During the day, teams might enjoy active team bonding pursuits such as snorkelling to find specific marine life, team competitive raft building or treasure hunts using code cracking ventures. The possibilities are endless and we are happy to discuss your requirements to come up with a program that suits your needs.

As the day draws to a close, and the team building day activities are complete, members will be transferred to a private beach to enjoy the evening either with a ‘Private Island Dinner Experience’ which embodies a unique, one-of-a-kind event at a private island, or even more team activities working together using traditional Thai ingredients and cooking methods to prepare the group meal.

A sample itinerary for our Team Building Full Day Program is as follows, but please note all itineraries are customisable:

02:30 PM

Hotel Pick Up (By Mini Van)

03:30 PM

Boarding Boats (22 Pax Per Boat)

04:00 PM

Team building day activities

05:30 PM

Private Beach Arrival

06:00 PM

Evening Team Bonding / Team Dinner Preparation

06:30 PM


08:00 PM


08:30 PM


** Please note, we can accommodate a ‘Sustainability Aspect’ into all activities by extending by 1 hour; to provide education on the marine species and ecosystems for example.
** Full and half day events are possible.
** All activities can be shortened or extended; all itineraries are bespoke.

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