Team Building & Leisure Experiences

Example Programs

Please find below some example programs for our corporate activities. Note that programs are customisable to suite your company / team goals. Please contact us for more information:

Team Building Full Day Program

Team Bonding Experience + Island Dinner

This combined experience will allow guests to explore the underwater world of the nearby Khai Islands, snorkelling for marine life.  Team members will be given Marine Life cards and will work together to identify the aquatic species on the cards.  Once the snorkelling aspect is completed team members will be transferred to a private beach where they will work together as a team to prepare a single appetiser or desert using Thai ingredients and cooking methods.

Team Building ½ Day Program

Corporate Team ½ Day

This is a combined experience allowing your corporate team to explore the underwater world of the nearby Khai Islands, snorkelling for marine life. There are a number of team building activities that we offer including scavenger hunts and raft building exercises for example.

A sample itinerary for our Team Building ½ Day Program is as follows:

Custom Team Building Program

Bespoke Team Building

As our experiences are custom designed, giving us the flexibility to accommodate your wishes with regards to timing, destinations and corporate goals. If you have any suggestions or additions you would like to discuss, feel free to contact us.  Our team will be happy to put together a bespoke proposal based on your corporate requirements, number of people and goals for the day.

Leisure Experience Full Day Program

Our Leisure Experiences can be custom designed for mid or large-scale corporate leisure events. Our full day programs can incorporate a mixture of snorkelling, lunch / dinner, sightseeing, viewpoints and beach time, for example.

We have so many beautiful and tropical locations to select from, so once you have an idea of where to go, we will build a custom Leisure Experience Full Day Program designed exclusively for you