Krabi Islands Private Boat Tour

Ko Hong Krabi and the smaller Krabi province archipelagos are typically quieter than the more popular Phi Phi or Phang Nga Bay area tours. However, the sheer natural beauty you get to encounter really is something else. This area provides you with everything you could want from a day out with your friends or family – whether it be snorkelling, discovering white sandy private beaches, hiking or sightseeing – there is something to keep everyone happy.

Ko Hong sits in-between the Koh Yao Islands and Krabi mainland, and already had a great name for itself with its stunning lagoon. Entering through a narrow passageway you are greeted by the scenic and mesmerising Ko Hong Lagoon. This striking turquoise body of shallow water is surrounded by high rock walls lined with lush mangroves giving a forgotten world feeling to it. Only accessible by small boat or longtail, some areas are so clear and shallow you can easily see your feet on the underwater sand.

After taking in the vibrant colours of Ko Hong Lagoon, let your adventurous side loose and make your way around to the most recent addition to the island; the breath-taking 360o Viewpoint. This impressive metal staircase structure was built in 2020, and was designed to give panoramic 360o views of Krabi and the surrounding islands. It certainly delivers, and is arguably one of the best seascape views of the Krabi island sets, Phang Nga Bay and surrounding islands in the national park that you can get from anywhere.

After enjoying these stunning panoramic seascapes, make your way back down to shore and catch your breath before heading out to your pick of fantastic snorkelling and island locations nearby. With clear waters, secluded lagoons and abundant marine life in the shallow and deep-water coral reefs; you could even get lucky enough to spot a reef shark on your adventure.

Why 5 Star Marine?

With so much to see and do, the Krabi Islands are a perfect mix for sightseeing, adventure, snorkelling and some of the best beaches in the area. 5 Star Marine are experts when it comes to the wide selection of islands, snorkelling and sightseeing spots in this area; and can often get you to stunning locations with nobody else around.

About The Location

All of our VIP tours are private, so you can customize them to get an experience that is perfect for you. However, to give you an idea, a sample day trip itinerary could be:

  • Explore and take photos to Lem Haad
  • Swim at Hong Krabi Lagoon
  • Climb and experience the 360° Viewpoint
  • Lunch, Swim, and Relax at Railay Beach
  • Snorkeling at Koh Gai Island
  • Swimming at Koh Daeng Island
  • Relax at Koh Lao Ladding

Krabi Islands, are inside the Bay thus is protected from the Wind in most cases. The Krabi Islands are generally calm and just a 40 Minute Boat Ride from the 5 Star Marine Pier. Please Check With 5 Star Marine For A Recommendation On Sea Conditions Prior To Departure.

Included In Your Hire Is Snorkeling Equipment.  If You Wish To Dive Or Complete Other Water Sports Please Advise 5 Star Marine Prior To Your Departure Date.

Krabi Islands Map

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