Private Dolphin Spotting Tour Phuket, Thailand

5 Star Marine runs a respectful dolphin spotting programme which can be tailored to your requirements. They offer a combination dolphin spotting experience at Mai Ton Island by adding on a trip to Coral Island or the Khai Islands.

At 5 Star Marine, we understand that nothing compares to seeing dolphins in their natural habitat, and getting the opportunity to witness them in the wild is a spectacular experience. So, our dolphin spotting tour gives you the chance to potentially see a pod of dolphins breaching out of the waves and as naturally inquisitive creatures, they often come right up and swim alongside our speedboats to state their curiosity, giving you a unique close-up experience like no other.

Combine this with a trip first to Coral Island, also known locally as Koh He. This is an easy and fun filled day-trip destination from Phuket and has 2 main beaches (Long Beach and Banana Beach), where you can find restaurants and beach clubs, enjoy snorkelling or relax on the sandy beaches. You can enjoy some decent snorkelling from the shore and it the island is kid and adult friendly.

Or combine the dolphin spotting with a trip to the Khai Islands, which each offer something slightly different; Khai Nai has clear, shallow waters and snorkelling suitable for families with young children. Khai Nau is an easy spot for snorkelling right off the boat, and has a good variety of coral and marine life. Finally, Khai Nok offers the opportunity to relax with some beach time and even a picnic lunch.

You can combine either Coral or the Khai Islands before your dolphin spotting afternoon, where you will cruise to Mai Ton and enjoy trying to spot the friendly pod of dolphins here.

Why 5 Star Marine?

By selecting to go on our dolphin spotting combination tour you will ensure that you discover the islands in the best possible conditions; and although 5 Star Marine cannot guarantee that the dolphins will come to play, they are experienced at knowing the best times and locations to maximise your chances of seeing these playful animals.

About The Location

All of our VIP tours are private, so you can customise to get an experience which is perfect for you. However, to give you an idea, a sample combination dolphin spotting daytrip itinerary could be:

  • Pick up and / or transfer to Pier
  • Visit the 3 Khai islands
  • Enjoy snorkelling, beaches, photos and lunch
  • OR head to Coral Island
  • Experience canoeing, beach clubs, lunch, beach time and snorkelling
  • PLUS, head to Mai Ton for dolphin spotting, snorkelling and relaxing

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Hand Sanitiser

Coral Island is a relatively protected island, around a 25 minute speedboat ride from 5 Star Marine’s pier in Boat Lagoon. In high wind conditions, this can extend to around 35 minutes. Khai Islands, are inside the Bay and so protected from the wind in most cases. The Khai Islands are generally calm and just a 20 minute boat ride from the 5 Star Marine Pier. Please check with 5 Star Marine for a recommendation on sea conditions prior to departure.

As a company we are sensitive to the health and safety of our guests, crew and team.  As such we have adopted a number of Covid Safe practices as follows:

  1. Social Distancing – We have limited the number of people on our boats to 50% of the boat capacity to ensure a safe distance between guests.
  2. Masks – We provide medical masks on board for all of our guests, crew and team.
  3. Hand Sanitizer – We provide hospital grade hand sanitizer on board for the use of our guests, crew and team.
  4. Temperature Screening – All our staff, team, crew and guests are screened for temperature prior to boarding, at each stop and at the end of tour.
  5. Cleaning – We have employed full time team members to clean our boats before and after tours with hospital grade cleaning equipment.

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