Top Family Friendly Private Tours 2024

Top Family Friendly Private Tours 2024

Top Family Friendly Private Tours 2024

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Experience the ultimate family friendly day trips from Phuket with our expert crew at 5 Star Marine, who have extensive knowledge about the safest and most enjoyable spots. A private, family friendly speedboat trip is an excellent way to explore Thailand’s Andaman Sea and create magical memories for the whole family.

Find inspiration in our top 5 day trips from Phuket, with the ultimate family friendly factor:

1. Coral Island

Coral IslandTop Family Friendly Private Tours 2024_Coral Island stands out as a firm favourite tropical paradise option for families, offering plenty of thrilling activities suitable for both children and adults alike. Located just south of Phuket, it presents a convenient and accessible day trip choice. This is one of the key reasons why it tops our list as a must-visit destination for a family-friendly day out.

Coral Island captivates with its vibrant coral reefs and thriving underwater ecosystems so the whole family can enjoy the crystal-blue waters and diverse marine life with some great snorkelling. Furthermore, at Banana Beach Club you can enjoy a range of conveniences for all ages. The spacious open style restaurant serves a diverse selection of dishes, plus there are amenities such as massages, canoes and plenty of Instagram-worthy set ups. It is exceptionally family friendly, with big loungers, tables in the shade, swings and engaging areas to explore for all.

2. The Khai Islands

Top Family Friendly Private Tours 2024_Khai IslandAnother excellent choice for a family friendly day trip is the small group of Khai Islands; consisting of three tiny, yet stunning islands (Khai Nai, Khai Nau and Khai Nok). Easily accessible, these islands are just a brief 20-minute private speedboat ride away from our pier in Boat Lagoon. Their popularity is helped by their picturesque white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters for easy, shallow snorkelling.

Khai Nok Island offers the opportunity to build sandcastles and just generally enjoy the white sandy beaches. The other islands are perfect for a quick swim, picnic lunch or a snorkelling adventure. As with all of our private boat trips, you will never be rushed and can take your time to enjoy the experience. If the children are having fun shallow snorkelling directly from the beach, 5 Star Marine will encourage you to relax and enjoy the experience at your own pace.

3. Racha Islands

Raya or Racha IslandsTop Family Friendly Private Tours 2024_Racha Island are made up of two beautiful islands; Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi, and they provide a perfect day trip location for the entire family to relax and appreciate nature.

Offering a balanced mix of peaceful, serene settings together with incredible marine life and some of Thailand’s finest snorkelling areas, these quiet, white powdery beaches and crystal-clear seas are a stunning day trip option.

Less than an hour away from 5 Star Marine’s base in Boat Lagoon, these islands are a prime choice for families in search of relaxation, beach activities and excellent snorkelling. For added convenience, there are charming restaurants offering picturesque views and extensive menus, ensuring that the entire family can find something to enjoy. Explore a tranquil stroll inland with your family, and you might be fortunate enough to encounter the monitor lizards that reside on the island.

4. James Bond Island

Top Family Friendly Private Tours 2024_James Bond IslandSituated in Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Island continues to be a renowned destination for families, and rightfully so. Featured in the 1974 film “The Man with the Golden Gun,” this limestone island holds cinematic allure. The James Bond Island private day trip offers an immensely enjoyable and sought-after experience.

Parents can indulge in nostalgic moments from the classic film, while children can explore caves and embark on adventures, ensuring an engaging outing for all.

As this is a protected marine area, boats are not able to get too close, therefore the nearby Koh Ping Ghan (an island where a large leaning rock stands) gives a perfect vantage point for pictures. It also has several caves to explore and some small stalls. The whole family can also enjoy sea canoeing in the area, which is a fantastic way to explore Phang Nga Bay and the bay’s limestone cliffs, caves and lagoons. Enter through small tunnels and into caverns and lagoons that larger boats cannot reach, finding hidden gems and creating family memories.

5. Sunset BBQ and Dolphin Spotting

Top Family Friendly Private Tours 2024_Sunset BBQEmbark on an exceptionally unique and unforgettable afternoon with our private Sunset Beach BBQ and Dolphin Spotting trip. This family friendly adventure offers a perfect fusion of snorkelling, dolphin spotting and a traditional Thai-style private beach BBQ, ensuring an experience which can be enjoyed by all ages.

Capture some beautiful family pictures and memories as you join us for a special afternoon where all ages can enjoy a spot of snorkelling in the crystal clear waters before taking part in our respectful dolphin spotting programme. At sunset, indulge in a private beach BBQ featuring authentic satay and accompaniments which are grilled beachside. In between playing on the beach and dips in the refreshing sea, enjoy a refreshing beverage as you watch the sky light up in a thousand colours for an unforgettable tropical sunset experience.

When planning a family friendly day trip, 5 Star Marine carefully considers the distance, travel time and the specific activities offered at each destination to ensure an enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Please contact us to create everlasting memories and your perfect family day out on the water.

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