Phang Nga Bay James Bond Island Private Boat Tour

With a custom Phang Nga Bay tour, 5 Star Marine will guide you around hidden coves and lagoons, as well as stopping off at the iconic James Bond island which became a major attraction after featuring in the 1974 Bond movie, The Man With The Golden Gun.

Phang Nga truly is one of natures’ spectacular works of art; where the vast karst rock scenery presents a visually stunning location. In fact, with the sheer number of unique formations, you could explore here for days. However please note this is not for those looking to go snorkelling. This trip is all about the seascapes, canoeing, caving and exploring.

On your private day trip, you could stop by Panak Island to float along gently inside one of the hidden caves surrounded by mangroves, before enjoying a peaceful golden bay all to yourselves. Move onto Ko Kudu Yai to take in the exquisite beauty of the clear turquoise water in this stunning lagoon.

At lunch time make a stop at the small island community of Koh Panyee; where huts, houses and restaurants are built on stilts over the water. Don’t miss the opportunity to see their unique floating football pitch either! Then get your Bond Instagram pose ready as you make your way to James Bond Island, (Khao Phing Kan); An internationally renowned tourist destination since appearing as the hideout for Bond’s antagonist, Scaramanga.

Boats are not allowed too close, as this is a protected marine area, but you can view the famous sight from Koh Ping Ghan; an island with an immensely tall leaning rock and some small caves to explore. Take your time to stroll around, in peace and quiet for the first time in around 40 years.

After getting your fill of this notorious island, you can continue on to enjoy some sea canoeing or more cave exploring before making your way back to base. Perhaps you might make a final sunset stop at Koh Pear, a small strip of an island which looks and feels like you are walking on water – a perfect end to the day.

Why 5 Star Marine?

5 Star Marine’s Phang Nga Bay tour creates an unforgettable time at this world-renowned destination. By selecting this private boat tour, you will get the opportunity to discover Phang Nga Bay in the best conditions, with the least number of tourists and also see parts of Phang Nga Bay that you will not experience on group tours.

About The Location

All of our VIP tours are private, so you can customize them to get an experience that is perfect for you. However, to give you an idea, a sample day trip itinerary could be:

  • Sightseeing at Phanak Island and explore the caves and mangroves
  • Canoe through the “Hongs” at Hong Island
  • Photos and sightseeing at James Bond Island
  • Lunch at Koh Panyee
  • Swimming in the hidden lagoons
  • Relax at Naka Noi

James Bond Island, also known as Phang Nga Bay is inside the Bay thus is protected from the Wind in most cases. The Bay is generally calm and just a 20 Minute Boat Ride from the 5 Star Marine Pier. Please Check With 5 Star Marine For A Recommendation On Sea Conditions Prior To Departure.

Included In Your Hire Is Snorkeling Equipment. If You Wish To Dive Or Complete Other Water Sports Please Advise 5 Star Marine Prior To Your Departure Date.

James Bond Island Map

5-Star-Marine-Map Per Destination - Phang Nga James Bond Island

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