Dolphins And Snorkeling Phuket Private Tour – Best Family-Friendly Tour

If you are looking for a Dolphins And Snorkeling Phuket Private Tour then this is IT. A combination of dolphin spotting at Maiton Island and snorkeling at Coral Island and Khai Islands, this is a perfect Phuket family-friendly private boat tour. At 5 Star Marine Phuket, we understand that nothing compares to seeing dolphins in their natural habitat, and getting the opportunity to witness them in the wild is a spectacular experience. The 5 Star Marine Dolphins And Snorkeling Phuket Private Tour gives you the chance to see a pod of dolphins and do some fantastic snorkeling.

The Phuket boat tour starts at the 5 Star Marine Pier at Phuket Boat Lagoon and a short boat ride down the East coast of Phuket gets you to Maiton Island. This is the home of a pod of Phuket dolphins who are often spotted first thing in the morning or late afternoon. You will see the dolphins breaching out of the waves and as inquisitive creatures, they often come right up and swim alongside our 5 Star Marine Phuket speedboats to state their curiosity, giving you a unique close-up experience like no other.

Fun Fact – The orca (killer whale) is the largest dolphin.

Of course, the Phuket pod of dolphins is wild so there is no guarantee that we will see them every day. We will do our best and the team at 5 Star Marine Phuket know when is the best time to see them, and also the best conditions.

Coral Island

After spotting dolphins, or before, depending on what the guide has suggested for your tour, it’s time to head down to Coral Island, or Koh He. Coral Island is one of the best locations that 5 Star Marine Phuket goes to. The island is safe for children to play, with white soft sand perfect for sand castles, as well as rock pools during low tide for children to explore, and they can learn to snorkel right from the beach, which makes it a fantastic destination for the little ones, and for those that may be a little worried about snorkeling from the back of the boat or in deeper water. The marine life off the beach is stunning. There are also plenty of deckchairs that you can sit on, as well as a fabulous restaurant and all the facilities and amenities that children and adults and the older adults (Grandparents) would need.

Khai Islands


Once you have had your tropical island fix and enjoyed an amazing lunch at the Coral Island beachside restaurant it’s time to head back on the 5 Star Marine boat and either go back to Maiton Island to do more dolphin spotting or depending on the day, cruise up the too the amazing Khai Islands to do more snorkeling either right from the beach or go out a little deeper and see some amazing coral and marine life.

Out of the three Khai Islands, two of them (Khai Nai and Khai Nok) have superb sandy beaches and clear water where swarms of colorful and friendly fish come to swim around you. This makes these two Khai islands perfect for those who have never tried snorkeling and would like to try, or for those who are a little nervous to snorkel in deep water. You are able to walk into the water and snorkel right from the beach, you don’t even need to float or swim as you will be able to explore the underwater world while standing.

Khai Nai and Khai Nok, also have some great restaurants and bars as well as souvenir shops and many deck chairs and umbrellas. This makes these two islands even more ideal for young families and in fact for multi-generation families.

The 5 Star Marine Dolphins And Snorkeling Phuket Private Tour tour is definitely Phuket’s Best Family Friendly Tour

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