Phuket Tourism News – Rescued Turtle On Patong Beach & Snake Cross the Phuket Road
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Phuket Tourism News – Rescued Turtle On Patong Beach & Snake Cross the Phuket Road

Phuket Tourism News – Rescued Turtle On Patong Beach & Snake Cross the Phuket Road

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Phuket Tourism News | Episode 25 | July 9

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Patong Surf Life Saving team rescued a turtle on Patong Beach

Rescued Turtle On Patong Beach

Lifeguard staff of Patong Municipality, Jetski and parasailing crews, plus tourists joined to help a Turtle now named “Nong Tao Talay”, who was caught in a huge amount of fishing lines and nets.

They managed to cut off all the lines and nets that was entangling, Nong Tao, and then they released it back to the sea.

Reported the Phuket Times on facebook –

Thai elephant Sak Surin safely repatriated after 22 years in Sri Lanka

Rescued Turtle On Patong Beach

The enduring odyssey of Sak Surin, an elephant initially gifted by Thailand to Sri Lanka, took a homeward trajectory as the elephant touched down in Chiang Mai, ending a 22 yearlong overseas sojourn.

Sak Surin’s journey back to Chiang Mai was an elaborate endeavor.

Encased within a specially designed cage that was placed in the cargo hold of an Ilyushin IL-76, Sak Surin was accompanied by a team of four veterinarians and two mahouts who had journeyed to Sri Lanka earlier to facilitate the repatriation.

Read more at The Thaiger –

Phuket Police praised for stopping traffic to save snake

Rescued Turtle On Patong Beach

The Police on duty at the Heroines Monument in Phuket this have been praised online for stopping traffic at the Heroines Monument to prevent a python crossing the road from being run over. The over 2m long python crossed the road and then local animal control offices came and took the python and released it into the jungle well away from the busy roads of Phuket.

Foreign nationals in Phuket donate blood amid Rh-negative shortage

Rescued Turtle On Patong Beach

In an uplifting gesture of community unity, the Immigration Department of Phuket extended heartfelt appreciation to the 121 foreign nationals who donated blood at a special drive held at the Central Floresta shopping complex. The blood donation event was jointly orchestrated by the Phuket Immigration Department and the local chapter of the Red Cross Society.

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