Phuket Tourism News – Maya Bay Phi Phi Closed, Banksy in Phuket, Jellyfish
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Phuket Tourism News – Maya Bay Phi Phi Closed, Banksy in Phuket, Jellyfish

Phuket Tourism News – Maya Bay Phi Phi Closed, Banksy in Phuket, Jellyfish

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Phuket Tourism News | Episode 27 | August 6

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Maya Bay Phi Phi Closed

Banksy in Phuket

As of the 1st of August 2023, Maya Bay in Phi Phi, Thailand will be closing its beach for 2 months. The beach being closed at Maya Bay, Phi Phi is to give the Thailand National Park Authorities time to check and assess the effects of tourists being allowed back on the beach during this past high season.

Maya Bay in Phi Phi will open again on the 1st of October 2023.

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Phuket Airport accelerates taxi services with dedicated pickup zone

Banksy in Phuket

In a recent move to regulate taxi services in Phuket, Phuket International Airport put its foot on the accelerator and introduced a dedicated zone allocated for legally permissible taxis to facilitate the pickup of tourists. The news, revealed yesterday, came from a statement published by the airport itself, which was shared by Phuket MP, Somchart Techathavorncharoen.

The statement, which was presented as a clarification was the aftermath of a series of issues encapsulated in a formal complaint lodged by none other than Somchart last month.

The document was marked specifically to the MP and affirmed by Monchai Tanode, sitting General Manager of Phuket International Airport for the Airports of Thailand (AoT) branch in Phuket.

Addressing the grievance about holidaymakers having to march in the rain to reach the bus stop within the airport’s vicinity, Monchai stated that the car park for the bus has now been switched to a sheltered area.

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Bluebottle influx at Phuket’s Layan Beach: officials urge caution

Banksy in Phuket

Layan Beach has seen the arrival of Portuguese man-o-war, commonly referred to as ‘bluebottles’, washed ashore by the tide. Beachgoers are urged to observe caution and remain vigilant in light of this current issue.

This concern was brought to the public awareness by an avid reader of Phuket News who discovered four to five bluebottles on the shoreline on a recent Thursday. The largest was roughly about hand-size, igniting immediate alarm.

It is important to note that this is not the first time that bluebottles have appeared on Phuket’s shores. These creatures are regularly swept ashore in Phuket, depending on wind conditions. The last confirmed sighting of Portuguese man-o-war came a month ago.

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Street art in Karon praised as Banksy creation

Banksy in Phuket

An Englishman walks into a bar with stencils and a question: “Can I do some artwork?” Kenny, the owner of the Karon Aussie Bar, didn’t know who the man was, until the man asked, “Do you know anything about Banksy’s art?”

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