Things NOT To Do in Thailand

Don’t do this in Thailand

Thai culture is known for being one of the most courteous and friendly cultures in the world, but just like any culture, there are cultural etiquette norms that are appreciated among Thai people themselves, and for guests visiting their homes and homeland. Here are some of these customs and etiquette that you should know before visiting Thailand.

Here are just a few DON’T’s in Thailand

As with any culture, there are things in Thailand that you simply don’t do if you want to be courteous to your Thai hosts.

Don’t Touch People’s Heads

In Thailand, the head is considered to be sacred. It is also believed to be the cleanest body part and thus should never be touched. Just like in most countries around the world, it is considered rude to touch a stranger’s head. It is also disrespectful to touch the head of a statue, especially a statue of Buddha.

However, close friends and family members often touch each other’s heads or hair, which is not considered rude. If you accidentally forget and touch a stranger’s head/hair, politely beg his or her pardon. If you need to reach something above someone’s head, say ‘excuse me’ first.

Don’t Prop Your Feet On Tables or High Up

Because feet are the lowest part of the body and are by nature dirty, they should never be propped up on tables or other surfaces. In Thai culture, feet are considered the least important and most unclean part of the body.

If you are at a temple, do not stick your feet out in front of you, especially if your feet are pointing towards a monk or an image of Buddha. Other objects, like books, and food are considered high status in Thai culture, so don’t prop your feet on a coffee table or point your feet towards food. This is considered vulgar.

Avoid Being Overly Affectionate In Public

Though Thailand is a loving country and open to many expressions of love, they are modest when it comes to public displays of affection. Thus, it is best to not be overly affectionate in public places.

Do Not Collect Coral Fragments Or Shells From Their Natural Habitat

There are many practical reasons to not collect shells and coral fragments from their natural habitat. First and foremost it affects the ecology of the area. These pieces help create the pristine sand on Thailand’s famous beaches. They can also be used by native species for homes.

Due to global warming, the coral population in Thailand has been declining. This is why the country has increased its effort to protect corals in the past few years. If you take any corals or shells from the waters of Thailand, there will be a fine and you may get arrested.

Don’t Point

Just like in many cultures, pointing is considered rude in Thailand. If you must gesture towards a person, it is recommended that you gesture by lifting your head and indicating with your chin. It is sometimes considered acceptable to point at objects and animals, however, it is preferred that if you must do this, you should use your whole hand to point, not just one finger.

Don’t Step On Thresholds

If you are walking through a doorway, it is customary to walk over the door threshold, and do not step on it directly, as it is believed that spirits live in the door threshold, and by stepping on these you are upsetting the spirit, who may then retaliate against the residents of the home and bring them bad luck.

Right now, for some Do’s which will help you when you are here in Thailand.

Do Remove Your Shoes

The first rule of etiquette for entering a Thai residence, temple, or palace is to remove your shoes. This is a courteous gesture made to protect the home or temple you are visiting from the dirt tracked in by your shoes.

It is disrespectful not to take shoes off before entering Thai homes and temples.

You may also be expected to remove your shoes at some cafes and restaurants. This is because some smaller establishments are set up in homes. To gauge whether or not you should remove your shoes, just look and see what others in the shop or restaurant are wearing on their feet and act accordingly.

Do Dress Properly

While Thailand is very open-minded and free, it is proper etiquette to dress modestly when entering a temple or palace. This is a sign of respect to the monks and residents of these historic landmarks. It is considered respectful to at a bare minimum have your knees and shoulders covered when entering a palace or temple.

For men, you may be able to get away with wearing shorts, but for women, the safest bet is to wear a long skirt or long pants. You should not wear tank tops, revealing sports attires, or t-shirts with inappropriate designs.

Always Return a Wai Greeting

A Wai greeting (pronounced “why”) is a traditional greeting in Thailand. It is usually accompanied by the phrase “Sawasdee” and is offered as a greeting, thank you, goodbye, and apology. While it is not expected that tourists offer Wai greetings to Thai people first, it is expected that they return a Wai greeting when one is presented.

Monks do not need to return Wai greetings, and Wai greetings do not need to be offered to those who are younger than you.

Do Respect the Monks And Do Not Touch Them

Monks are highly respected and revered in Thailand and are expected to be respected by visitors to Thailand as well. Please do not touch a Monk, especially if you are a woman. This is because Monks believe that a woman’s body goes against their Buddhist vows. Thus, many temples do not allow women in certain areas, and women should never touch a Monk.

When you meet a monk, you can bow or wai but don’t ask any overly-personal questions about them. It is important for Thai people to interact with them appropriately since monks are so well-respected. For example, people usually give up their seats for monks on the bus.

Do Be Mindful When Taking Pictures

When visiting a temple, taking a photo of the temple and Buddha are usually allowed in Thailand. However, be mindful and respectful of the people praying and in some worship areas. Before taking a photo, look for the temple’s rules written outside on notice boards or just ask locals.

Furthermore, show your gratitude for being allowed to take the photo by leaving a donation in the donation boxes. Donations from visitors help maintain the upkeep of the temples and palaces.

Do Smile

Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles.” No wonder smiling is so important to Thai etiquette! When you are in Thailand, be happy and smile, and return smiles offered to you by others that cross paths with you on your journey.

You should also be aware, however, that smiling in Thailand does not always mean the person smiling is happy. A smile in Thailand can mean many things: embarrassment, frustration, apprehension, and much more. Returning a smile to someone who is smiling for a reason other than happiness could just be what they need to turn their mood around.

Like every destination, Thailand has its norms that are customary when it comes to common courtesy expected from visitors entering the country. While visitors are not expected to know all these cultural norms, learning them and practicing them while in Thailand is certainly the courteous thing to do.

Big Buddha Phuket | Best Things to do in Phuket

Unveiling the Mystique of Phuket’s Giant Guardian!

Big Buddha Phuket

When you head down the East coast of Phuket on the way to Phi Phi and you look up at the tropical green hills of Phuket, at one of the highest points you will see an awe-inspiring gleaming white marble statue of Buddha. Known simply as the Big Buddha

So, we sent Jay Leshark down to the Big Buddha and checked out the magnificence of this colossal guardian of Phuket.

Watch the video here – LINK TO VIDEO

Big Buddha Phuket

Big Buddha PhuketPerched high on the top of Nakkerd Hills is a gleaming white marble statue of Buddha. Known simply as the Big Buddha (its official name is Mingmongkol Buddha image), the statue has slowly become one of the most popular attractions on the island.

Right hold on, I need to do a history lesson:

Big Buddha Phuket: History

The idea for the statue came about when a group of friends discovered the spectacular views from what was to be the Big Buddha statue’s future location on Nakkerd Hills.

Instead of simply transforming this into a popular viewpoint like Laem Phromthep, the friends decided that they needed something much more significant for the people — an enormous statue of Buddha.

Construction for the Big Buddha began in 2004

The Big Buddha statue, which is 45 meters tall and spans 25 meters at the base, was built entirely with donations from locals and foreigners!

How to get to the Big Buddha?

Getting to the Big Buddha is fairly straightforward, but the road up to the Big Buddha statue is very steep so be careful.

Also If you are heading to the Big Buddha yourself, the signpost is rather small so you might miss it.

Here is the Google map location –

Would you like a few tips when visiting the Big Buddha?

Visit the Big Buddha early in the morning to beat the heat and crowd

More than a thousand visitors come here to pay respects to the Big Buddha daily and it can get crowded during the day.

If you are feeling peckish, you can stop at any of the restaurants on the way uphill or downhill.

Make sure you have your camera as not only will get epic pictures of the big Buddha BUT also from the top you get stunning views of Phuket Town, Chalong Bay, Rawai, Karon and more, alongside lush greenery and scenic beaches.

You can even see (on a clear day) Phi Phi and Phang Nga bay in the distance.

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As this is a religious site, do dress appropriately. That means no tank tops and short shorts — this is not a Full Moon Party, so please cover up!

You can hire sarongs at the big Buddha if you don’t have anything to cover up.

So, there you go. The Big Buddha Phuket

It’s well worth the trip and something that you definitely need to see when you come to Phuket.

The World’s Most Beautiful Beach 2023, Koh Kradan Thailand

Koh Kradan Thailand – The world’s Best Beach 2023

Thailand’s unspoiled Koh Kradan island off the coast of Trang province was ranked the best of the ‘Top 100 Beaches on Earth 2023‘ by the UK website World Beach Guide.

Despite only being a couple of hours south of Phuket and even closer to Koh Phi Phi, Koh Kradan is a world apart, sharing all the natural beauty but without the crowds and noise.

Nestled in the embrace of the Andaman Sea, Koh Kradan Beach boasts a mesmerizing stretch of powdery white sand that meets the crystal-clear waters in a seamless union. The untouched natural beauty of the beach, surrounded by lush tropical foliage and breathtaking coral reefs, creates a visual feast that leaves visitors in awe.

The pure Unspoiled Natural Beauty of Kok Kradan is what makes it truly stunning.

Koh Kradan’s azure waters are a gateway to an underwater wonderland. The crystal-Clear Waters and Marine Diversity make Koh Kradan a snorkeler and diver’s haven. You will be treated to a kaleidoscope of vibrant coral formations, teeming marine life, and if you are very, lucky gentle giants like whale sharks and manta rays.

Watch Jay Leshark our YouTube host at Koh Kradan –

Unlike some of the more commercialized beach destinations, Koh Kradan Beach has managed to preserve its tranquil and secluded ambiance. Fingers and toes are crossed that this award will not change that, as the absence of large crowds is one of the reasons it is so beautiful.

Koh Kradan’s recognition as the best beach in the world is not just a testament to its natural allure but also to its commitment to sustainable tourism. The local authorities and businesses have taken measures to protect the fragile ecosystem, such as enforcing strict waste management and conservation efforts to safeguard the beach’s pristine state for generations to come. The Thailand authorities are also looking to manage the beach with closures at certain times like that have done with other popular beaches such as Maya Bay.

Maya Bay Closed – Read More –

While Koh Kradan retains its unspoiled allure, it is not isolated from the wonders of its neighboring islands. Visitors can easily explore nearby attractions, such as snorkeling at the renowned Hin Muang and Hin Daeng dive sites, kayaking through hidden coves, or taking a boat trip to the iconic Emerald Cave on Koh Mook.

5 Star Marine Koh Mook tour –

Koh Kradan Beach’s recognition as the best beach in the world for 2023 is a testament to its untouched natural beauty, commitment to sustainable tourism, and the enriching experiences it offers to travelers. As we celebrate this pristine paradise, let it serve as a reminder that preserving the Earth’s most exquisite treasures is not just a responsibility, but a privilege that allows us to revel in the splendor of destinations like Koh Kradan for years to come.

The Koh Kradan tour –

Exploring the Tropical Paradise: A Guide to Phuket Tourism by Shaun Stenning

Nestled in the Andaman Sea, Phuket, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Andaman,” is a tropical paradise that has captured the hearts of travelers from all corners of the world. This stunning island in Thailand is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, vibrant culture, and wide range of activities that cater to all types of tourists. In this blog post, we will take you on a virtual tour of Phuket, offering insights into its attractions, culture, and tips for an unforgettable vacation. Shaun Stenning said.

1. The Allure of Phuket’s Beaches

Phuket’s coastline is adorned with an array of mesmerizing beaches, each offering a unique experience. Patong Beach, the island’s most famous, is known for its bustling nightlife and water sports. If you seek tranquility, head to Kata or Karon Beach for a more relaxed atmosphere. Adventurous souls can explore hidden gems like Freedom Beach or Ao Sane Beach for snorkeling and diving adventures.

2. Island-Hopping Adventures

Phuket serves as a gateway to some of Thailand’s most picturesque islands. Take a day trip to Phi Phi Islands, known for their crystal-clear waters and stunning cliffs, or visit the Similan Islands, a diver’s paradise teeming with vibrant marine life. These excursions promise unforgettable memories and Instagram-worthy moments.

3. Cultural Experiences

Beyond its natural beauty, Phuket boasts a rich cultural heritage. Explore the Old Town in Phuket City, where colorful Sino-Portuguese architecture tells the story of the island’s history. Visit the Wat Chalong temple, a spiritual haven where you can learn about Buddhist practices and admire intricate architecture. The annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival is a must-see, showcasing vibrant processions and unique rituals.

4. Gastronomic Delights

Phuket’s cuisine is a delightful fusion of Thai and international flavors. Sample local dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, and Massaman Curry in street-side eateries or upscale restaurants. Don’t forget to indulge in fresh seafood at seafood shacks along the coast. The night markets, such as Phuket Weekend Market and Malin Plaza, offer a chance to savor authentic Thai street food.

5. Adventure and Outdoor Activities

Phuket offers a plethora of adrenaline-pumping activities for adventure enthusiasts. Go zip-lining through the lush rainforests of Hanuman World, explore the island’s interior on an ATV or go white-water rafting in Phang Nga Bay. The options are endless for those seeking an action-packed vacation.

6. Spa and Wellness Retreats

Shaun Stenning said, Phuket is a hub for wellness and relaxation. Numerous world-class spas and wellness centers offer traditional Thai massages, yoga retreats, and detox programs. Pamper yourself with a spa day overlooking the ocean or find inner peace through yoga and meditation sessions.

7. Sustainable Tourism

Phuket is increasingly committed to sustainable tourism practices. Support eco-friendly tours and accommodations that prioritize environmental conservation and community engagement. Responsible travelers can participate in beach clean-up activities or learn about sea turtle conservation efforts at the Phuket Marine Biological Center.

According to Shaun Stenning, Phuket is more than just a destination; it’s an experience that will leave you with lasting memories. From its pristine beaches and cultural heritage to its adventurous spirit and delectable cuisine, Phuket offers something for everyone. As you plan your next vacation, consider Phuket for an unforgettable journey into a tropical paradise that seamlessly blends natural beauty, culture, and adventure. Embrace the island’s charm, immerse yourself in its vibrant culture, and return home with a heart full of memories and a longing to return to this enchanting corner of Thailand

Samet Nangshe Phang Nga | The Most Incredible View in Thailand

Part of our new and exclusive collection of luxury day tours, carefully put together by the 5 Star Marine Phuket crew and captains the Samet Nangshe Viewpoint and James Bond Island Tour is something very unique.

This experience will provide you with a whole day of enjoying viewpoints, famous islands, floating restaurants, sightseeing, and even sea canoeing into caves.

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Samet Nangshe Viewpoint, Phang Nga Bay Thailand

Nestled in the heart of Phang Nga, Thailand, lies a hidden gem that promises breathtaking panoramic views that will leave you spellbound – the Samet Nangshe Viewpoint. The awe-inspiring spot offers a tranquil escape into the natural beauty of Phang Nga Bay.

For those seeking an unforgettable and famous adventure, look no further than the private boat tour to Samet Nangshe Viewpoint & James Bond Island.

Before we look at the Samet Nangshe Viewpoint and James Bond Island Tour in detail let me tell you about the awe-inspiring Samet Nangshe Viewpoint.

The Journey to Samet Nangshe

Reaching the Samet Nangshe Viewpoint is an adventure in itself. The viewpoint is located approximately 25 kilometers northeast of Phuket International Airport. Many travelers visit Samet Nangshe viewpoint by road that winds through picturesque landscapes. Lush forests, quaint villages, and scenic coastal stretches, all set the tone for the mesmerizing views that await.

Panoramic Views of Phang Nga Bay

From the viewpoint’s elevated perch, you are treated to a sweeping view of Phang Nga Bay’s distinctive limestone formations. The karsts, islands, and emerald waters below form a mesmerizing tableau that seems to belong to another world.

The bay’s unique topography has earned it a place on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, making the experience of witnessing it from Samet Nangshe even more special.

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint in Phang Nga, Thailand, stands as a testament to the unspoiled natural beauty that this region has to offer. With its breathtaking sunrise views, panoramic vistas of Phang Nga Bay, and opportunities for outdoor activities, it’s a destination that holds something special for every traveler. As you stand on the edge of this captivating viewpoint, you’ll not only witness the beauty of nature but also find a deep connection to the serene tranquility that only such untouched landscapes can provide.

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Samet Nangshe Viewpoint & James Bond Island Private Tour

Starting from the 5 Star Marine Phuket pier at Boat Lagoon Marina, you will head up into the stunning Phang Nga Bay. A few stops on the way will let you enter a hidden cave enveloped by lush mangroves and a visit to the floating island of Panak Island.

Don’t forget to check out the only floating football pitch in the world.

Then it’s time to get your cameras ready as we stop at Samet Nagshe pier and get a pick-up truck to take us up to the incredible viewpoint.

Once the selfies are taken, we head back to the boat and visit the world-famous James Bond Island, which was the backdrop in the James Bond Movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

Lunch and sightseeing at a traditional floating restaurant and then we head to Hong Island for some canoeing.

But wait it’s not over yet.

Our final stop is on the tropical beach paradise of Naka Noi for a swim in the crystal-clear waters or just relax on the beach.

The Samet Nangshe Viewpoint and James Bond Island Tour is truly a one-of-a-kind tour, exclusive to 5 Star Marine Phuket.

It was designed and created by guide Charlie who has had years working and living in this area, it’s his backyard and now he is letting you come and play in it, and showing you the best parts that only the locals know about.

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Koh Kradan Claims Title of World’s Best Beach

#1 Beach In The World

Koh Kradan, a pristine island situated off the Trang province coast in Thailand, has claimed the top spot on the ‘Top 100 Beaches on Earth 2023‘ list; compiled by the UK website, World Beach Guide.

According to the insights provided by the World Beach Guide, you need not venture far from the beaten track to discover this tranquil beach: “This stunning stretch of powdery white sand remains a relative haven despite being only a few kilometers off the mainland”, this Guide continued on by commenting: “The waters of the Andaman Sea which surround the island are relatively sheltered and shallow, which means they are always warm i.e. ideal for swimming. On top of that they are crystal clear making for some excellent snorkeling in the protected waters.

Take Me To Paradise

5 Star Marine offers private VIP speedboat tours to Koh Kradan, which can also include an island-hopping experience to Koh Ngai and Koh Mook. This fully customisable itinerary usually takes around 1.5 hours from Phuket, to reach the first of these 3 lesser-known islands

During your customized day excursion, you could opt to commence your journey at the pristine shores of Koh Ngai, where crystal-clear waters, vibrant corals and marine life will welcome you. Proceeding to Koh Mook, you will can encounter the renowned Emerald Cave, appropriately named due to the emerald hue cast by the sunlight reflecting off the cave’s entrance. This natural wonder presents a unique opportunity to swim through the entrance into a small cave system, revealing a hidden mangrove (during the appropriate tide, which 5 Star Marine’s experienced crew can advise on).

Koh Kradan Claims the Title of World’s Best Beach, with tranquil atmospheres, emerald lagoons, and breathtaking beaches. Numerous captivating snorkeling sites and vibrant reefs make for an exceptional day of exploration on the water. Experts have long debated that this secluded beach stands among the most stunning and tranquil in Southern Thailand. This assertion has now been unequivocally validated, as it secures the coveted title of the world’s best beach.

World Beach Guide

The World Beach Guide is a UK guide positioned as a gateway to the most exquisite shores on Earth. They pride themselves on tireless exploration and meticulous research across global coastlines, which have culminated in their definitive collection of breathtaking beaches.

On their #1 spot on the world’s top 100 beaches, Koh Kradan Claims the Title of the World’s Best BeachFor those looking to just relax and soak up the sun and calm Koh Kradan is perfect. There are numerous hammocks suspended between the palm trees that fringe the beach. The main beach at Koh Kradan is the aptly named east-facing Paradise Beach. However, there is another, equally appropriately named, beach on the other coast. Easily reachable by a short trail through the forest is Sunset Beach where you can enjoy a peaceful view of the sun setting over the Andaman Sea.”

Book a bespoke trip to The World’s Best beach now! Contact us directly to discuss your private day trip itinerary to discover Koh Kradan’s stunning natural beauty, impressive coral reefs and snorkelling spots.

Shaun Stenning

+66 (0) 93720 6221

[email protected]

Shaun’s 2nd Annual Birthday Bash

Shaun’s Annual Phuket Charity Birthday Bash in Support of Living Waters Phuket

After a year off in 2022, the 5 Star Marine Shaun’s 2nd Annual Phuket Charity Birthday Bash in Support of Living Waters Phuket is back.

Come and spend the day with the 5 Star Marine family and help to support the awesome Living Waters Phuket. A day cruising to Maiton Island dolphin spotting and snorkeling and then an afternoon on Coral Island playing beach games, snorkeling and of course plenty of time to relax.

Happening on Saturday the 7th October, 2023 the fun family day starts at the 5 Star Marine Office, located at Phuket Boat lagoon Marina on the East coast of Phuket.

At 9am guests will be treated to a snack style Thai breakfast, music, and face painting and balloon animals for the kids (And the big kids)

At 10am boats will depart from the Boat Lagoon Marina pier and head to the first stop which is dolphin spotting at Maiton Island. Dolphin spotting gives you the chance to potentially see a pod of dolphins breaching out of the waves. However please note that these animals are wild so we cannot guarantee that they will be there, but lucky for us Maiton Island is also a great snorkeling spot so we will also be doing some snorkeling there.

We will then be heading to Coral Island for lunch (please note lunch is not included). The restaurant on Banana Beach is very good with a wide selection of Thai and Western dishes.

We will also be playing lots of fun games on the beach, and there is also some truly fantastic snorkeling right off the beach. Of course, if you don’t want to do anything you can sit back and relax and just watch the world go by.

At around 3.30 we will jump back on the boats and head back to the 5 Star Marine pier and hope to be back by 4pm.

To know more about this event, here’s a full video that we created:

So, what’s the cost?

Its FREE. That’s right FREE

The boats, soft drinks and water on the boats, snorkeling equipment if you need it, the Thai breakfast, all if this is FREE.

All we ask is that you give a donation to Living Waters Phuket.

Bookings are essential as spaces are limited.

To Book:

What’s App – +66 93 720 6221
Email – [email protected]
Date: 7th October, 2023
Time: 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM

We have also attached a PDF of the FAQs to this blog. Click here to learn more about the event:


09:00 AM – Pier registration
10:00 AM – Boat Departure
10:30 AM – Snorkeling at Mai Ton Island Head to Coral Island
11:30 AM – Head to Coral Island
12:00 PM – Lunch at Banana Beach (Not included)
01:00 PM – Games / Snorkeling / Relax at Banana Beach
03:30 PM – Leave Coral Island
04:00 PM – Back to pier

What if the weather is poor?

In the event that the tour date is subject to poor weather, we will cancel the tour and let you know when we can reschedule

Who are Living Waters Phuket?

Living Waters Phuket Foundation was established in late 2021 to help charities, foundations and government organizations.

LWPF operates both community projects and provides funding for existing relief projects. All team members are volunteers; working towards building brighter futures for those in need.

Founder, Shaun Stenning, set the precedent when LWPF was founded that it would be like no other foundation or charity. All money raised goes directly to the communities in need.

Read more about Living Waters –

Phi Phi Vs James Bond, Phang Nga Bay Which one is Better?

Which Tour is for you?

Both the Phi Phi Islands and James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay are popular boat tour destinations in Phuket, Thailand, known for their stunning natural beauty and unique attractions. Boat tours to both locations offer different experiences.

BUT Which one is better?

James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay:

Phang Nga Bay is famous for its unique limestone karsts that rise dramatically out of the emerald-green waters. The bay is dotted with sea caves and hidden lagoons that you can explore by canoes or swim into.

Yes, it’s in the title BUT its one of the most famous attractions in Phang Nga Bay is James Bond Island

James Bond Island (Ko Tapu, which is its Thai name), which gained popularity after being featured in the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun.”

Many boat tours in Phang Nga Bay offer the chance to explore sea caves and hongs (enclosed lagoons) by canoe, providing a more immersive and up-close experience with the stunning natural formations.

James Bond Island Tour –

The Phi Phi Islands are known for clear turquoise waters, and beautiful beaches. The landscape is more rugged and features iconic spots like Maya Bay, which gained fame from the movie “The Beach.”2

Snorkeling and diving are popular activities in the Phi Phi Islands due to the vibrant marine life and coral reefs.

The waters are teeming with colorful fish and other underwater creatures. There’s also the opportunity to relax on the pristine beaches and explore the island’s nightlife.

While many people mistakenly believe that Phi Phi is made up of just one Island, in fact it is a group of 6 islands in total. 5 of these islands are Virgin Islands.

Maya Bay is one of the true highlights of your Phi Phi private boat tour. Maya Bay stands out as a true gem. Nestled within the Phi Phi Islands, this captivating bay has captured the hearts of travelers and locals alike. Please note that Maya Bay, does close for 2 months of the year. Here are the details

You can also see, Camel rock, Pileh lagoon, Viking Cave, and Monkey Beach.

The beaches at Phi Phi are just what you are expecting from a tropical destination. White fine sands, with palm trees offering shade and crystal-clear waters.

Phi Phi Islands Tour –

So which one is better?

Choosing between a private boat tour to Phi Phi Islands and one to James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay depends on the type of experience you’re looking for. If you’re interested in beautiful beaches, vibrant marine life, and a lively atmosphere, the Phi Phi Islands might be a better choice. On the other hand, if you’re more drawn to unique limestone formations, sea caves, and a quieter environment, then the James Bond Island tour in Phang Nga Bay could be more appealing.

Both destinations offer stunning natural beauty and memorable experiences, so it ultimately comes down to your preferences.

Why not do both?

Here at 5 Star Marine Phuket, we offer a unique tour that means that if you only have a few days in Phuket and you wish to experience both Phi Phi and James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay then you can.

Captain’s Choice is our unique luxury speedboat experience, offering you the balance of convenience plus flexibility.

It brings together a new collection of inspired day sea tours tailored to your personal expectations and sea condition of the day.

So, all you need to do is book, then simply turn up for your adventure.

Our experienced team of Tour Managers and Captains will ensure your expectations are met; whether it be snorkeling in Phi Phi above stunning coral reefs with an abundance of marine life, finding Instagram-worthy photo locations on James Bond Island, enjoying a secluded beach picnic lunch, trying your luck at spotting a playful pod of dolphins, canoeing through caves, exploring breath-taking viewpoints or experiencing hidden lagoons and coves – whatever your personal desires are, 5 Star Marine Phuket will ensure you have your perfect day on the water, leaving you with lasting fond memories and ready to book your next adventure.

Captain choice Phuket tour –

A true Phuket Experience in one Day

Khai Islands Are Perfect for Families

Family Paradise: Khai Islands, Phuket Thailand

When it comes to planning a Phuket family-friendly vacation, the beautiful Khai Islands in Phuket, Thailand, stand out as an ideal destination. With their stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a myriad of activities tailored to suit families, the Khai Islands offer an unforgettable experience for parents and children alike.

Khai Nok Island: Where Nature and Adventure Unite

Khai Nok Island, the largest of the three, is a treasure trove of natural beauty and exciting adventures that families can enjoy together. The island is famous for its pristine white sandy beaches and inviting turquoise waters, making it an ideal spot for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling.

Snorkeling is a fantastic family activity as it allows everyone to explore the underwater world teeming with colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs. The shallow and calm waters around the island provide a safe environment for even young children to participate in this mesmerizing experience.

Book a tour to the Khai Islands –

Khai Nai Island: Tranquility and Relaxation

Khai Nai Island is often dubbed the “quiet island” in contrast to its busier neighbor of Khai Nok. This serene haven offers families a chance to unwind in a peaceful and intimate setting. The calm waters surrounding Khai Nai are perfect for swimming and kayaking, allowing families to bond over water-based activities while surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

For families with young children, the shallow waters of Khai Nai are a blessing. Kids can splash around, build sandcastles, and safely explore the shoreline. Parents can recline on the soft sands, basking in the warm sun, knowing that their little ones are enjoying themselves in a safe and secure environment.

Khai Nau Island: A Secluded Escape

Khai Nau Island, the smallest of the trio, is very different from the other two islands. There are no real beaches (only a small something at low tide) and no sunbeds. Some would say it’s just a rock sticking up from the sea. However, when you jump into the sea you will get a whole different experience.

Khai Nau is an excellent spot for some snorkelling right off the boat, and has a great variety of coral and marine life to explore.

Book a tour to the Khai Islands –

Why Khai Islands Are Perfect for Families

The Khai Islands’ family-friendly appeal extends beyond their stunning landscapes and diverse activities. These islands are easily accessible from Phuket, only 15 to 25 mins away. Additionally, the warm and welcoming Thai culture on the two larger Khai Islands, embraces families, making children feel at home and parents at ease.

Phuket’s monsoon season adds a unique dimension to your Phuket beach experience, but it also presents specific risks that require careful consideration. By staying informed about weather conditions, respecting warning flags, being cautious in the water, and taking proactive safety measures, you can enjoy the beauty of Phuket’s beaches while ensuring your well-being. Remember that your safety should always be the top priority, and adhering to these guidelines will help you make the most of your Phuket monsoon season getaway.

The opportunity to expose children to new cultures, foods, and experiences can be both enriching and educational.

The Khai Islands in Phuket offer an idyllic setting for families to create lasting memories. From adventurous snorkeling trips to tranquil beach days, these islands cater to a wide range of interests and age groups. With their natural beauty, variety of activities, and family-friendly atmosphere, the Khai Islands stand as a testament to the allure of a tropical paradise perfect for families to explore and enjoy together.

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Phuket Tourism News – Magic Mushrooms Going To Become Legal In Thailand

Phuket Tourism News | Episode 28 | August 20

Welcome to the Phuket Tourism News. Each week Shaun and Jay Leshark will bring you weekly Phuket Tourism News. Phuket News that is for you, Phuket News for those coming to Phuket, and Phuket Tourism News that is what you need to make sure you have an amazing time when you come on holiday to Phuket.

Oil slicks threatens Phuket beaches, authorities seek culprits

Magic Mushrooms Going To Become Legal In Thailand

In the Thalang district of Phuket island, the beautiful scenery was marred by the unexpected appearance of oil slicks and tar balls along four beaches. These are being carefully removed from the coastline of the Sirinat National Park by a mix of residents and authorities. The cleanup started on Friday after an alert was raised by the Layan Beach station chief.

Several beaches, including Nai Yang, Mai Khao, Nai Thon, and Layan, were swept by the oil slick and related deposits, thus sparking concern amongst park authorities. The sighting was further corroborated by hotel staff from the well-known Angsana Laguna Hotel, who noticed an unfortunate sea turtle hatchling, covered in crude oil on Bang Tao Beach. The Marine and Coastal Resources Research Centre received the news and swiftly acted to aid the distressed turtle.

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Lifeguards revive tourist pulled from Karon Beach surf

Magic Mushrooms Going To Become Legal In Thailand

A male tourist from Iran was pulled from dangerous surf at Karon Beach unconscious and without a pulse last week.

Karon Police and Phuket Tourist Police received a report of another incident on the beach at the Centara Grand Hotel around 2:50pm.

By the time the police arrived, beach lifeguards and municipal lifeguards were providing first aid to the victim. From the police report, the rescuers managed to get his heart to beat again.

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Patong tuk-tuks warned against using public parking spaces

Magic Mushrooms Going To Become Legal In Thailand

Patong Police have issued a warning for all tuk-tuks in the town to stop using public parking spaces, especially along the Patong beach road.

The warning follows a tuk-tuk driver caught using one of the public parking spaces on the beach road (Thaweewong Rd) on Saturday (Aug 12).

It also followed a slew of complaints on social media online, said a report by Patong Police.

Pol Capt Pongpan Tesawit of the Patong Traffic Police arrived and explained to the driver his infraction at 3:45pm on Saturday, said the report.

The driver had parked in one of two parking spaces along the beach road. The section where the tuk-tuk driver had parked provided 24 public spaces.

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Magic Mushrooms Going To Become Legal In Thailand

Krabi Islands Closed

First the legalisation of cannabis, and now this: Thailand is looking into easing restrictions and backing progress on developing psilocybin mushrooms. You may know them as ‘magic mushrooms.

In a press conference last month, Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin put forward a push towards easing laws around psilocybin mushrooms in an effort to boost the Thai economy, and research the use of ‘magic mushrooms’ to treat various mental health issues.

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