Ultimate Trips from Phuket

Ultimate Trips from Phuket

Ultimate Trips from Phuket

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A private speedboat excursion to the islands and coves surrounding Phuket is an excellent way to explore Thailand’s Andaman Sea. These islands are renowned for their crystal-clear seas, pristine white sandy beaches and varied aquatic life, making them perfect for an inspired day trip with 5 Star Marine.

The whole region is home to a varied assortment of marine species, including colourful tropical fish, sea turtles and even whale sharks thanks to its abundance of coral reefs and underwater ecosystems. Our experienced guides are on hand to provide you with crucial knowledge about the marine environment to help ensure that your trip goes smoothly, is memorable, and of course is relaxing. Furthermore, you get to choose either adventure or relaxation (or a combination), as all of 5 Star Marine’s private day trips are customisable.

With so many excellent day trips from Phuket to select from, we have rounded up our top 5 to awaken your interests and inspire you to get out there and explore:

  1. Phi Phi Islands

A private speedboat trip to the Phi Phi Islands is a bucket-list experience that everyone should experience at least once. This area is a collection of six small islands off the coast of Thailand, with Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh being the main islands.

Phi Phi Islands are known for their stunning scenery, turquoise waters and breath-taking beaches. On your private speedboat tour with 5 Star Marine you will have the freedom to explore the islands at your own pace and according to your interests. Whether you want to go snorkelling, swimming, soak up some rays or simply relax on the beach, we can help craft an itinerary that is perfect for you.

One of the highlights of a Phi Phi day trip is visiting Maya Bay; the area which was made famous by the movie “The Beach” which starred Leonardo DiCaprio. The bay is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs and idyllic turquoise waters. You may also want stop at Monkey Beach, where you’ll be greeted by playful macaques, or visit Bamboo Island where you can enjoy a picnic lunch and snorkel among vibrant coral reefs and tropical fish. If you fancy a hidden cove with emerald-green waters, then Pileh Lagoon is perfect spot for a swim to cool off.

2. Racha Islands

Raya Islands Private Boat TourRaya or Racha Islands are made up of two beautiful islands; Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi, and they provide a perfect day trip location to relax and appreciate nature. Offering a balanced mix of peaceful, serene settings together with incredible marine life and some of Thailand’s finest snorkelling areas, these quiet, tropical white powdery beaches and crystal-clear blue seas are a stunning day trip option.

Located under 1 hour from 5 Star Marine’s base in Boat Lagoon, you can easily see why these islands are popular for relaxation, beach time and great snorkelling. Some areas to note include Siam Bay, which is located on Koh Racha Yai and is renowned for its exquisite coral reefs and marine life including exciting fish species and even sea turtles.

Although most people visit Koh Racha Yai (located just 20 kilometres south of Phuket); we would also suggest allowing 5 Star Marine to take you slightly further to the smaller island, Koh Racha Noi – an uninhabited rocky island with an abundance of outstanding snorkelling bays.

3. The Khai Islands

Private Khai Islands 5 Star MarineFor the ultimate family friendly day trip from Phuket, nothing quite beats the Khai Islands. The Khai Islands are a trio of small islands (Khai Nai, Khai Nau and Khai Nok) located just a short distance from Phuket, around a 20-minute speedboat ride away. They are popular for their picturesque white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters for shallow snorkelling.

During your private speedboat tour with 5 Star Marine, you will have the freedom to explore the islands at your own pace and according to your own schedule; stopping off at selected beaches or snorkelling spots that catch your eye. Snorkelling is a popular activity because the warm waters are teeming with marine life and you will get the chance to swim alongside schools of fish in shallow waters for a memorable experience.

Khai Nok Island offers the opportunity to sunbathe on the white sandy beaches and take a stroll around or simply relax. The other islands are perfect for a quick swim, picnic lunch or a snorkelling adventure.

4. James Bond Island

5 Star Marine James Bond IslandJames Bond Island located in Phang Nga Bay, is one of the most famous places to visit, and for an excellent reason. This limestone island was featured in the film “The Man with the Golden Gun” in 1974. The James Bond Island private day trip with 5 Star Marine remains a highly enjoyable and popular experience. During your exciting day, the experienced crew will take you out so that you can take in the sights of Phang Nga Bay’s most iconic location.

As this is a protected marine area, boats are not able to get too close, therefore the nearby Koh Ping Ghan (an island where a large leaning rock stands) gives a perfect vantage point for pictures of the famous island. It also has several caves to explore and some small stalls.

You may choose to try a spot of sea canoeing afterwards. This provides a fascinating way to explore the Phang Nga Bay area and to explore the bay’s limestone cliffs, caves and lagoons. Enter through small tunnels and into caverns and lagoons that larger boats cannot reach, finding hidden gems and creating special memories.

5. Sunset BBQ and Dolphin Spotting

This is certainly a truly unique and unforgettable afternoon experience. When you book a private Sunset Beach BBQ and Dolphin Spotting trip, you get the perfect blend of snorkelling, dolphin spotting and traditional Thai style private beach BBQ.

Join us for a special occasion and family friendly afternoon where you can experience snorkelling in crystal clear waters before taking part in our respectful dolphin spotting programme which can be tailored to your requirements. At 5 Star Marine, we understand that getting the opportunity to see dolphins in the wild is a spectacular experience.

At sunset, indulge in a private beach BBQ featuring authentic satay and accompaniments which are grilled on the beach for you by our attentive crew. In between dips in the refreshing turquoise sea, enjoy a crafted ‘drink of the day’ on the fine white sands as you watch the sky light up in a thousand colours for an unforgettable tropical sunset experience.

With so many inspired day trips to create magical moments, please contact us to discuss any mentioned here, or to book a bespoke private day trip itinerary.

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