Koh Kradan Claims Title of World’s Best Beach

Koh Kradan Claims Title of World’s Best Beach

Koh Kradan Claims Title of World’s Best Beach

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#1 Beach In The World

Koh Kradan, a pristine island situated off the Trang province coast in Thailand, has claimed the top spot on the ‘Top 100 Beaches on Earth 2023‘ list; compiled by the UK website, World Beach Guide.

According to the insights provided by the World Beach Guide, you need not venture far from the beaten track to discover this tranquil beach: “This stunning stretch of powdery white sand remains a relative haven despite being only a few kilometers off the mainland”, this Guide continued on by commenting: “The waters of the Andaman Sea which surround the island are relatively sheltered and shallow, which means they are always warm i.e. ideal for swimming. On top of that they are crystal clear making for some excellent snorkeling in the protected waters.

Take Me To Paradise

5 Star Marine offers private VIP speedboat tours to Koh Kradan, which can also include an island-hopping experience to Koh Ngai and Koh Mook. This fully customisable itinerary usually takes around 1.5 hours from Phuket, to reach the first of these 3 lesser-known islands

During your customized day excursion, you could opt to commence your journey at the pristine shores of Koh Ngai, where crystal-clear waters, vibrant corals and marine life will welcome you. Proceeding to Koh Mook, you will can encounter the renowned Emerald Cave, appropriately named due to the emerald hue cast by the sunlight reflecting off the cave’s entrance. This natural wonder presents a unique opportunity to swim through the entrance into a small cave system, revealing a hidden mangrove (during the appropriate tide, which 5 Star Marine’s experienced crew can advise on).

Koh Kradan Claims the Title of World’s Best Beach, with tranquil atmospheres, emerald lagoons, and breathtaking beaches. Numerous captivating snorkeling sites and vibrant reefs make for an exceptional day of exploration on the water. Experts have long debated that this secluded beach stands among the most stunning and tranquil in Southern Thailand. This assertion has now been unequivocally validated, as it secures the coveted title of the world’s best beach.

World Beach Guide

The World Beach Guide is a UK guide positioned as a gateway to the most exquisite shores on Earth. They pride themselves on tireless exploration and meticulous research across global coastlines, which have culminated in their definitive collection of breathtaking beaches.

On their #1 spot on the world’s top 100 beaches, Koh Kradan Claims the Title of the World’s Best BeachFor those looking to just relax and soak up the sun and calm Koh Kradan is perfect. There are numerous hammocks suspended between the palm trees that fringe the beach. The main beach at Koh Kradan is the aptly named east-facing Paradise Beach. However, there is another, equally appropriately named, beach on the other coast. Easily reachable by a short trail through the forest is Sunset Beach where you can enjoy a peaceful view of the sun setting over the Andaman Sea.”

Book a bespoke trip to The World’s Best beach now! Contact us directly to discuss your private day trip itinerary to discover Koh Kradan’s stunning natural beauty, impressive coral reefs and snorkelling spots.

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