What to do on Valentines day in Phuket

What to do on Valentines day in Phuket

What to do on Valentines day in Phuket

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Valentine’s Day in Phuket

In Phuket for Valentine’s Day and don’t know what to do. Well, don’t you worry as in this blog we will act like Cupid and give you a few different ideas of what you can do when you are in Phuket on Valentine’s Day.

But first:

What is Valentine’s Day?

The history of Valentine’s Day is a tale of legends, traditions, and the celebration of love that has evolved over centuries. While the exact origins of Valentine’s Day remain somewhat murky, the holiday’s roots can be traced back to ancient Rome and early Christian traditions.

History of Valentine’s Day:

St. Valentine: The identity of St. Valentine is a subject of debate, as there were multiple martyrs named Valentine who lived during the same time period. One popular theory is that Valentine was a Roman priest who defied Emperor Claudius II’s decree banning marriage for young men, as Claudius believed that single men made better soldiers. Valentine continued to perform marriages in secret, leading to his eventual martyrdom.

Over time, Valentine’s Day became associated with romantic love and affection. The connection between St. Valentine and love likely began during the Middle Ages, with the rise of courtly love traditions in Europe. By the 14th century, Valentine’s Day had become a popular holiday celebrated with the exchange of love notes, gifts, and tokens of affection.

While the history of Valentine’s Day may be complex and shrouded in myth, its enduring legacy as a day to celebrate love and affection continues to resonate with people across the globe.

Where to go for Valentine’s in Phuket?

Of course, the first thing we are going to recommend is a 5 Star Marine private boat tour, but not just any old tour. We can make your day on our boats as romantic as you like. If you would like to have a sunset dinner on a beach with a live band then we can arrange that for you. Or let us fill your boat with flowers, or even have flowers delivered to a secret beach, we can do that for you.

The choice of tours is up to you, the rest we can take care of.

Valentine’s Day Restaurants in Phuket

360 Bar at the Pavilions 

What to do on Valentines day in Phuket_360 Bar at the PavilionsEnjoy the 360° Bar in Phuket, the most iconic sunset hotspot, with its exclusive signature cocktails and tapas.


Baan Rin pa

What to do on Valentines day in Phuket_Baan Rim paThai restaurant in Kalim overlooking Patong Bay with amazing Thai cuisine, excellent wine selection and spectacular sea views.


Natural Restaurant Phuket Town

What to do on Valentines day in Phuket_Natural Restaurant PhuketNatural Restaurant is the place full with authentic Thai food with calm atmosphere in the center of Phuket


Floating Restaurants at Laen Hin

These restaurants mostly occupy the eastern coast of Phuket between Laen Hin and Coconut Island – the trip involves a brief longtail boat ride from Laem Hin Pier to get to the restaurants


Bangpae Seafood

What to do on Valentines day in Phuket_Bang Pae SeafoodBang Pae Seafood is the kind of place you are not likely to find a tourist – maybe a local resident foreigner, but few tourists venture down these side roads to this stunning beachside restaurant.


Suay Restautnat

What to do on Valentines day in Phuket_SuayYour dining experience will be beautiful and memorable with unique and tasty dishes created by Iron Chef Noi, a celebrity chef in Phuket.