Private Boat Tours Phuket Thailand Blog
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Private Boat Tours Phuket Thailand Blog

Private Boat Tours Phuket Thailand Blog

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Phuket Private Speedboats

You can explore the best destinations around Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay, and beyond in ultimate luxury, with your very own, Private VIP Speed Boat. 5 Star Marine Phuket has a fleet of 15 private VIP Speedboats and Luxury Cruisers (and our fleet is still growing). All our fully customised boats are TAT SHA Plus approved, and adhere to the highest levels of comfort for your ultimate tailor-made experience.

The 5 Star Marine Phuket luxury 39ft Speedboats were designed and built in Phuket to our very own specifications.

Some of the key features are:

The back decks

Private Boat Tours Phuket Thailand Back DeckEach of our 39ft Luxury Phuket speedboats has a wooden back deck. The deck also has two ladders that can be dropped down into the water. Why do we have the back deck? The simple answer is safety and comfort. The deck keeps swimmers and snorkeler’s away from the engines and the ladders make it easy to climb up. Guests are able to sit on the deck and relax at the snorkeling spots or jump off when they get a bit hot and want a swim.

Two Engines

Private Boat Tours Phuket Thailand Lucus 5 Two EnginesAll our Phuket speedboats have two engines. This means that the ride when out at sea is smoother and more comfortable and if one engine ever breaks down there is a second engine that is enough to power the boat to get her back to the pier.

Extra padding

Private Boat Tours Phuket Thailand Lucus 1 Extra PaddingWe all need a little extra padding sometimes. All our Phuket speedboats have extra padding in ALL the cushions making sure that you have a comfortable ride when heading out to any of the stunning destinations around Phuket.

Sound Systems

Private Boat Tours Phuket Thailand Lucus 5 Sound SystemOur boats all come with an awesome sound system that you can log into using Bluetooth, so if you want your playlist while heading off to James Bond you can, or if you want your go to holiday song while heading to Phi Phi you can. Or if you just want to dance under the tropical sun, you can.

Cool boxes

We have cool boxes on each of the speedboats. They will be filled with water and soft drinks and you can use them for any extra drinks that you might bring with you.


All the speedboats have a toilet so if you need to go, well you can.

The boats all have a cover area, as well as an open sun deck, so if you want to get that tropical sunshine you can, or if you have had a bit too much sun then the inside area is for you. This also helps if ever there are little drops of sunshine falling from the skies.

Boat Maintenance

Private Boat Tours Phuket Thailand Boat MaintenanceEvery year to keep the boats serviced, clean, and maintained they are taken out of the water and have a FULL refit at our factory in Phuket.

At the factory the boats will be fully repainted and refitted, the sound systems are upgraded, and the engines have full service. We even add new padding to the cushions to make sure your ride is as comfortable as possible.

Check out the video to see all the features of our Phuket speedboats here