Lisa 2 – Last Boat Back After Refit

Lisa 2 – Last Boat Back After Refit

Lisa 2 – Last Boat Back After Refit

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Phuket Private Boats Tours, Keeping the Boats like New

We here at 5 Star Marine Phuket, take huge pride in our boats. They are only second to our amazing staff in making sure you have an amazing Phuket tour, weather you are going to see the limestone karsts in Phang Nga Bay, or heading to the stunning tropical waters of Phi Phi.

All our boats have been designed and built here in Phuket to our very specific specifications. Each and every year many of our guests comment on our boats and ask how comes they all look brand. Well one thing that we do here at 5 Star Marine Phuket is every year we take each and every boat out of the water for a minimum of 20 days to have a full refit.

Private Phuket Boats – Lisa 2

Lisa 2 is our VIP 39ft Sports Cruiser. She was built in Phuket at we had her out on tour when we first brought her in early 2023. So yes, she is brand new.

However, we felt that she needed some changes after she had been on some Phuket private tours and we had some feedback from the crew and the guests, so in July she came out of the water and headed to the factory.

We spend a minimum of 20 days on all of our Private Phuket speed boats during the Phuket low season to do a full refit. This includes striping off all the paint from the hull and repairing any damage then repainting and brand new antifoul. We take out all the seat cushions and these get sent off to a different factory to be cleaned and new foam added. The wooden deck is removed and gets repainted and sealed. We take off the engines and these go away for a full service and refit. The canape is taken off and replaced if needed and all the chrome on the whole boat is cleaned and maintained and the sound system, yes even the sound system gets a refit.

Lisa 2 our Phuket VIP sports Cruiser was no exception to our annual maintenance for the boats; however, we did a little more on her.

Not only did she have all the standard refit like all our fleet of Phuket Private Speed Boats, BUT we also added thinker foam to all the cushions, a brand-new wooden deck and the biggest change was a hand-built fiberglass full roof cover. It did take more than 20 days to do this, and she was out of the water for almost 2 and a half months, but it was worth it. The new seats are soft and comfortable and the brand-new roof offers far better protection from the sun and if we do happen to get little drops of sunshine falling from the sky.

Lisa 2 is a stunning boat and the VIP lady to our fleet of private Phuket Speedboats, and a perfect boat for Island Hopping around Phuket, Phang Nga and Phi Phi.