First Aid Training in Phuket – Basic Life Support Training

First Aid Training in Phuket – Basic Life Support Training

First Aid Training in Phuket – Basic Life Support Training

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We were pleased to welcome Vincent Modell from Phuket Basic Life Support to the 5 Star Marine Offices at Phuket Boat Lagoon, to train our team on the latest First Aid Skills.

Getting trained in first aid means that our team will be able to prevent issues that might make and first aid situation worse, especially in the case that one of our guests needs immediate first aid care while out on one of our private boat tours. The main aim of our training was to learn the skills to stabilize the person who is injured until emergency medical attention arrives or until we can get the injured person back to shore.

Safety is our number one priority at 5 Star marine and proper First Aid training is the only way to guarantee that our team can offer all our guests first aid IF the situation arises.

Vincent gave our team some valuable information such as:

  • CPR – The most well-known, and most important first aid skill is CPR. CPR is short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and it provides artificial ventilation that can preserve brain function, blood circulation, and breathing in a person. In an emergency situation, knowing how to perform CPR is invaluable, and Vincent showed the team how to perform CPR on adults, children, and infants.
  • Broken bones – If someone has a broken bone then what do you do? Vincent showed the team how to set a splint. If the injury is not set before moving the injured person, it could get worse and cause excessive pain, and imagine that out on a boat. Our staff learned how best to set a splint from items on the boat and how best to keep that split in place.
  • Bleeding – Worse case here would be bleeding from a main artery or vein and Vincent showed the staff what to do in this situation as well as how to stop bleeding from other areas of the body.
  • Lionfish, sea urchins, and other sea life stings and bites – Of course, our team and our guests come into contact with an array of beautiful sea life here in Phuket, yet, some of these can be beautifully deadly. Vincent gave the staff training on what to do if any other of our guests get stings or injuries from any of these beautiful creatures.

While we hope we never need these skills, it’s important to keep up to date. A big thank you to Vincent Modell from Phuket Basic Life Support